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Utah company partially relocatesSpace Monkey, a Utah centered company has announced that it is relocating to Mexico from China for the production of its 1TB cloud storage appliance. The purpose of this decision is multi-pronged of which cost competitiveness is a deciding factor. Relations with China will continue for the manufacturing of other required products.
Fund for targeted start-up companiesCertain alumni from San Diego have started a venture capital fund for start-up companies. The focus is on technology developed at UC San Diego and those potential entrepreneurs who want to profit from their inventions.
Russian investment in Silcon Valley testedRussian President Dmitry MedvedevÃ's visit to the U.S. in 2010 changed the investment scenario between the two powers, leading to billionaires like Yuri Milner investing in leading social media sites. However the existing political strain between the two nations is making Russian investors cautious about their investment choices.
ROADMAP TO SELLING A COMPANY Webinar Now Available on DemandThe ChamberWise Education Consortium and Financial Poise are pleased announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar ROADMAP TO SELLING A COMPANY.
BorgWarner purchases German companyAmerican based BorgWarner has purchased the German company Gustav Wahler. The transaction details have not been revealed but Wahler will add to BorWarner's list of products. The company name Wahler will continue to be used for its products.
Venture capital raises record high$8.9 billion is the amount raised by venture capital companies in the first quarter of this year. WiL Fund is the biggest fund  which has intentions of supporting Japanese tech startups with the potential of becoming independent companies.
AIMkts Spends A Few Minutes with Steven Dresner, CEO of Dealflow.comAIMkts Spends A Few Minutes with Steven Dresner, CEO of Dealflow.com
Turning Around Your Business: Planning/Executing a Turnaround, Webinar Now Available on DemandThe ChamberWise Education Consortium and Financial Poise are pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, Turning Around Your Business: Planning/Executing a Turnaround.
Investment chances in Greece?Thoughts of Greece perhaps ring bells of bankruptcy rather than the renowned Hellenic glory, so it's uncertain how willing investors will be to place their money in this historical nation. However for those with doubts there is a potential silver lining that potential investors can watch out for.
Company prospers without venture capitalWork started off for Mhelpdesk without any of the prerequisites for a start-up company. What did exist was a product and several hundred people interested in paying for it. Sheer determination replaced the missing essentials and allowed this software company to expand.
EVENT: Midwestern M&A - May 14 (Chicago)The Midwestern M&amp;A/Private Equity Forum brings together leading players in the deal community who are active participants on the front lines of many of the recent headline deals and who are helping to craft strategies for transactions currently under formulation.<br>
EQUITY CROWDFUNDING LOCALLY Webinar Now Available on Demand The ChamberWise Education Consortium, Accredited Investor Markets, and Financial Poise are pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, EQUITY CROWDFUNDING LOCALLY. For more details click here
Africa continues to lure investorsAlmost fifty private equity companies took part in a questionnaire of which the results showed that Africa was a leading choice for investment due to predictions of improved economic expansion in this region.
Private equity investing in real estatePrivate equity firms are keenly purchasing cheap houses, giving them out on rent until market rates rise. Some of the tenants include the very people who had to abandon their homes during the financial crunch.
Equity Crowdfunding: Essential Information for Intermediaries, Webinar Now Available on DemandThe ChamberWise Education Consortium, AIMkts, and Financial Poise pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, "Equity Crowdfunding:&nbsp; Essential information for intermediaries."
Kevin McCormack Joins DailyDAC LLC as a Senior AdvisorDailyDAC LLC is proud to announce that Kevin McCormack has become a senior advisor to the company. Kevin McCormack is a managing director at Ethisphere Institute, an independent center of research, best practices and thought leadership that promotes best practices in corporate ethics and compliance.
Rise Capital aims to secure $146 millionRise Capital is looking to invest in potential businesses in Africa and South America and for this purpose the firm is seeking to raise $146 million. The company has existing investments in the target region; the executive of the company is reputed for his competence in spotting promising start-ups.
Investment made in Global Employment Solutions, Inc.Global Employment Solutions caters to staffing needs under two separate categories. Contract and permanent employees are provided in a range of professions through the companies 16 offices. TZP Capital Partners II, L.P. has invested an undisclosed amount in the staff provider.
CPI Card Group Inc. considers deal optionCPI based in Colorado is a leader of providing plastic money in the form of debit and credit cards under reputed company names like MasterCard.  The firm is considering selling to another private-equity firm, going for an IPO or other possible options.
Managed Futures: Understanding A Little-Known Alternative Asset CategoryAs of early 2014, the Dow Jones industrials and the S&amp;P 500 indices are once again flirting with record high levels after bottoming out in the 2008 financial recession. If you're considering alternative investment, you'll want to read "Managed Futures: Understanding a little-known alternative asset category"
ITS Compliance attracts investorsArgentum and First Analysis have given a combined sum of $5.75 million to ITS Compliance. ITS Compliance plans on expanding its services and enhancing the firm's infrastructure. ITS's COO is hopeful that the recent investment will pave the way for more innovation to benefit the company's customers.
Were the Employees Stealing? Webinar Now Available on DemandChamberWise Education Consortium and Financial Poise are pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, Were the employees stealing? Available today, this webinar is designed to help business owners and executives understand types of employee fraud.
EVENT: Southwestern M&A - April 24 (Houston) The Southwestern M&amp;A/Private Equity Forum brings together leading players in the deal community who are active participants on the front lines of many of the recent headline deals. Panel discussions will focus on how strategies need to be shaped in light of current valuation, pricing, and fiduciary duty trends.
"Where to Find a Buyer for Your Business�" Webinar - Now Available on DemandThe ChamberWise Education Consortium and Financial Poise are pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, "Where to Find a Buyer for Your Business." Available today, this webinar is designed to help business owners and executives understand how to locate a buyer for a business, steps to prepare and sell a business.
90 Second Lesson: What are BDCs?Business Development Companies were created to help small businesses raise capital. Find out what BDCs are, what their governing parameters look like and the impact BDCs may have on your investment options with: 90 Second Lesson: What  are BDCs?
Forbes' Midas List takes on Indian namesForbes' Midas list which got the Midas name after the fabled monarch who turned everything into gold that he touched, has added several Indian American names to its list of top ranking investors. Aneel Bhusri is the most prominent person from his native homeland.
Egypt's prime bank loses main investorEgypt's prime bank, Commercial International Bank has had a shift in its main investor. Actis has sold a bulk of its shares to investors primarily from the same region as the bank. The reason for the transaction has not been disclosed although Actis does invest in this area.
Not thrilled about stocks?If you're thinking about investing yet stocks or bonds are not your first pick, may be because of low interest rates or any other reason, than alternative investments may be what you're looking for. Statistics of a recent survey reveal that more people are putting their cash in hedge funds and other non-traditional investments.
Men equally conscious about looking youngIt's not just women going for botox treatment, the men in Silicon Valley are equally conscious about their looks; in fact for them it appears to be crucial for employment purposes. This high-tech hub is run by lots of young folks and to remain competitive a cosmetic surgeon has observed a rise in male clients visiting him.
Newk's Eatery attracting private investmentSentinel Capital Partners has shown interest in acquiring Newk's Eatery. Newk's Holding Company is spread out across 13 states and aims for additional outlets within the coming months.  The set target is to reach the 200 mark for the total number of dining places within the next few years.
Bake shop for dogs secured by private equityA bake shop for dogs celebrating its silver jubilee and reputed for its quality edible food items for dogs has been secured by a private equity firm. Three Dog Bakery originated in Kansas City and has now spread to different locations in North America and Hong Kong.
"Equity Crowdfunding Overview" Webinar Now Available on DemandThe ChamberWise Education Consortium, West LegalEdcenter and Financial Poise premiered their jointly-produced webinar, "Equity Crowdfunding Overview" on February 4, 2014. The expert panel discusses basic concepts that you should be familiar with.
Recycling company bought by Synergy Environmental Corp.Synergy Environmental Corp. has invested in a recycling company which provides multiple services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The purchased company, Central Jersey Waste and Recycling Inc. has sister companies which are also in the acquisition deal.
Bangladesh inviting foreign investmentBangladesh is not new to foreign investment. Keen eyes spotted the richness of this region during the Mughal era. External investors are being welcomed by giving equality to investors irrespective of their nationality. The economy boasts resilience in spite of all odds and labor is also comparatively cheaper.
China undertaking reforms in energy sectorThe Chinese energy sector has primarily been under government control, a policy the administration is reviewing. The aim is to invite private investment and also to increase the gas rates in order to allow overall improved gas production and greater profits for China's prime oil producing company.
Lightspeed has new avenue for investmentLightspeed has a new avenue for investment purposes. The firm has secured $950-million which they intend to utilize for supporting new start-up companies. The company is not restricted to operating in the U.S. but is also focused in nations with leading economies.
AltSchool gains $33m AltSchool has managed to secure $33million from investors who are struck by the 'personalized learning' technique the school aims to follow. The number of students in a class is just eight and each one is personally catered to regarding the curriculum. Claims are that this approach will give quality education and ultimately reduce school costs.
Midnight cupcake lovers fret no moreSprinkles Cupcakes, backed by KarpReilly is opening a cupcake ATM in New York. The bakery already has machines in prior locations where a variety of flavors are on the menu. Four cupcakes can be ordered within one transaction.
Uncertain future of BitcoinSeveral different countries were surveyed regarding the disputed virtual currency, Bitcoin. Out of the surveyed nations all countries were under the 50% mark about their knowledge of this digital currency. Kenya showed the most enthusiasm for this mode of transaction.
Desire cash for new start-up?If you're a start-up company lacking funds, then Florida Venture Forum may be the place you need to head to.&nbsp; Registration is required before April 11th for the May 15th event. The FVF undertakes to assist people running businesses in a very significant way.
Middle East attracts investorsAs investors look for alternative options for investment purposes, the Middle East is an inviting venue. It has a promising future for businesses according to a private Swiss bank which is a prominent lender.
St. Louis showing positive investment signsThe focus for venture capitalists is no longer just the coastal region but has also moved to the Midwest. St. Louis is especially benefitting from this transformation as it is considered to possess the required set up for new startup firms. Statistics reveal that more than 30 new businesses were able to attract large investments in just the previous year.
Females' luck for starting businessesSome big names have had their beginnings in humble origins, yet thanks to venture capitalists some dreams have come true. This good fortune however may only be for attractive males, as recent studies reveal that women startup businesses receive only a tiny fraction of the venture capital sum.
Got a plan but lack the cash?If you've got all the right ideas for a new business yet lack the cash, then David Blumberg or someone similar may have a solution. Anyone wanting to try their luck for a plan they have can send their proposal to pitchnight@blumbergcapital.com and perhaps become one of the fortunate ones.
Hooking home amenities to internetIf you're considering inventions where reminders are sent to mobile devices for when groceries need to be purchased, then continue dwelling on such ideas. Venture capitalists are looking to invest in all internet options, perhaps welcoming in a high-tech health era.
Strauss-Kahn visits China for financial supportDominique Strauss-Kahn intends to raise $2 billion for a hedge fund that he is administering along with his daughter. Currently the focus for potential investors is in China which is home to more than 600,000 millionaires, naturally attracting fund controllers like the former IMF chief.
Bitcoin: Fad, Fraud or Fortune Maker?You have undoubtedly heard about Bitcoin.  Thinking it might make some sense to allocate some investment dollars?  Before you do, you probably should make sure you understand exactly what Bitcoin  is.
How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease- Webinar Now Available on DemandChamberWise, West LegalEdcenter and Financial Poise premiered their jointly-produced webinar, "How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease," on January 25, 2014. This webinar is designed to educate business owners, executives, and others who are not real estate law experts on the basics of negotiating a commercial lease from the tenant's perspective.
Investing in high-tech schoolsInvestors are putting their money on schools where high-tech will be at its peak, hoping to ultimately give cost effective education to the attending students. AltSchool in California has been injected with $33 million for this very purpose shares the firm's founder Max Ventilla.
Harvest of investorsInvestment does not end with the search for investors and their startup money, rather for a successful business, steps beyond the initial stages need to be considered. A whole harvesting of investors needs to be sought who will carry the business through till landing after its take off.
Velocity Venture Capital assists new firmsVelocity Venture Capital is utilizing a prior school campus in Folsom as its venue to assist new firms. The aim is to provide companies the appropriate exposure for expansion and technical know-how for their start-up businesses.
Ivy League names new headRichard Hall is the new man selected by Harvard University to head the Ivy League's private equity affairs. Hall is a Harvard alma mater and has prior experience in private equity. At Harvard the new inductee will be handling a sum much larger than at his prior position.
Thoma Bravo purchases TravelClickA $930 million deal has been struck with the purchase of TravelClick by Thoma Bravo. The TravelClick team has an impressive performance of customer satisfaction and expansion of services which are primarily directed towards the hotel industry.
Fresh Indian tea to the U.S.Teabox has gotten additional investment from India and Singapore, allowing it to deliver the freshest tea possible to different parts of the globe. There are a number of varieties that are prepared in the purest form possible and then rushed to the awaiting customers.
Looks do make an impact on investmentA study published by MIT has revealed that the looks of men have an influence on investment.  Men who are not handsome or women do not have the edge that good looking men potentially have.
Foreign companies need to select right time to relocate to U.S.Many Australian firms are opting to relocate to the U.S. in the hopes of quick investment; however Paul Chen warns that cash will not simply start to flow in. Chen has given several suggestions, amongst which one is that moving the entire set-up to the U.S. is not recommended for tax precautions.
Hedge fund directors' worth questionedHedge fund directors are potentially not essential for the functioning of a hedge fund. There is speculation that the directors are not providing objectivity to the funds they head and objections are also being raised to their public dealing skills.
British musicians to invest in DetroitA music institution will be opened in Detroit by British music industry experts. Beringea LLC is investing $3 million in this venture. The hope is that with success in Detroit further expansion can be made to other U.S. states.
Dan Akerson takes on new roleDan Akerson has taken on a new role after stepping down as the CEO of General Motors. Akerson will be offering his skilled expertise to Carlyle, continuing with a relationship that dates back several decades for this private equity firm and U.S. Navy expert.
Generation Growth Capital Inc. acquires Minnesota based companyInnovative Laser Technologies Inc. specializes in laser technology, manufacturing products for a variety of industries. Generation Growth Capital Inc. has acquired this Minnesota based company in an undisclosed deal and is planning on continued expansion.
Renaissance Learning purchasedRenaissance Learning is a firm with a compelling impact on teaching technology. The company has been purchased by Hellman & Friedman for $1.1 billion, after the sale transaction it will still remain in its place of origin, Wisconsin Rapids.
Basketball star moves on as venture capitalistMichael Redd is taking on a new career path after finishing with his professional basketball career; he's bankrolling startup firms in his hometown Columbus. The idea was suggested to him by a friend and it's already something he's glad to be a part of.
Mayfield invests in Indian ATM e-surveillanceWith the ever increasing ATMs across India, ATM e-surveillance is but a natural follow up for protection. Securens Systems Private Limited is a firm which provides the required security in this domain, Mayfield attracted by the investment opportunity has invested a total of $10 million in the mentioned company.
Lessons on Investing like an AngelEarly indications suggest that interest in angel groups is growing, not shrinking. AIMkts believes that the lifting of the ban and, to a lesser extent, all the media attention on crowdfunding, is serving as a wake-up call to the 90% or more of accredited investors in the United States.
Investing in Life SettlementsLife settlements are an alternative asset class that have remained very quiet and largely unknown outside of discrete private transactions for the better part of a century. Does this alternative asset class come with less risk because it's not linked to traditional markets?
Revival suggestion for DetroitSuccess for any firm can well be based on its employees, hence to invest in the education and training of a potential workforce may be a wise decision. Considering the high demand for professional skills in Detroit, investment in the personnel may be a key to the city's revival.
Rowan University facilitated for new researchMembers of Rowan University have been promised funds to enhance their research undertakings, allowing for a sturdy research analysis at the initial stages. The engineering and medical fields will be key targets for exploration from these grants.
Aspect Ventures treads new groundTwo ladies are treading unfamiliar ground by starting Aspect Ventures, a company which aims to invest in  new startup firms.  Silicon Valley is showing positive feedback to Jennifer Fonstad and Theresia Gouw who had not anticipated external funding for the initial years of their business.
Investment increases in tourismGone are the days of advanced bookings for vacations, holiday goers are opting for spontaneous decisions through their mobile gadgets. This development has made mobile technology a central part of human lives allowing for continued investment in the travel industry
Scam warning for Verizon usersA news caution has been issued to Verizon users about a recent scam in which personal data is being extracted by scammers. A representative of the company has stated that often such high profile names are misused for fraudulent purposes.
Apple provides software for rectificationApple plans on providing software to rectify the lapse of its fingerprint identification. The Touch ID was initially welcomed by the public but this recurring issue seeks a solution from the manufacturer AuthenTec, a firm recently purchased by Apple.
Infotech undertaking purchaseInfotech is in the process of a business transaction, undertaking to purchase Softential for $20Mn. Softential is located in several different locations allowing Infotech to expand its telecommunication business.
iCardiac gets investment from Silicon ValleyiCardiac deals with different aspects of the medical industry, experimenting with results of medication on cardiac care. Norwest Venture Partners plans to invest in iCardiac, however the sum has not been made public but the amount is considered to be substantial considering the track record of the investor.
Google glass meets oppositionEven though Google has not reached the marketing stage for its glasses, some states are ready to ban the eye accessory while behind the wheel. The spectacles allow for internet access and the benefits could in fact warn the driver of potential danger, however the distraction is a cause of concern for some.
Women wiser investorsWomen are considered wiser investors then men because they tend to contemplate investment options; they also take the long run benefits into consideration and opt for professional guidance. They are much more meticulous and in no way rushed to make their investment choices.
International scam warningsKohlberg Kravis Roberts, a prominent investment company has indicated scam threats in several countries. India and China are some of the nations on the list; the former being a nation where the colossal firm has invested substantial amounts.
Hedge funds altered due to space footageDetailed space footage is set to change the dynamics of hedge funds greatly. This high tech imagery is so multi-faceted that the options on the table are limitless, for instance hedge funds have used this footage for the evaluation of traffic rush during prime purchasing days.
Razorfish plans for investment in IndiaRazorfish, a digital company is aspiring to increase its growth by expanding in fields like technology. For this purpose they are looking to spread into India, the initiative of which they have already taken.
Agricultural investment in MENADiscussions are being held about the best possible options for agricultural investment in MENA. With some past unsuccessful ventures, consideration also needs to be given to options of agricultural farmland overseas or the hiring of people with technical know-how in this field.
China in preference to Russia for investmentJay Jordan, a renowned name in private equity has shown his reluctance to invest in Russia stating that the current government lacks transparency, although he is known for previously having done extensive business in this country. China is an option given by this pioneer for investment purposes.
China invites increased private investmentChina is seeking private investment in the public sector. State run enterprises such the railway and telecom are venues opening up for overseas investment. The Chinese are rapidly paving the way for this foreign inflow of cash.
Suitable time to purchase average sized firmsRichard A. Friedman is of the opinion that it's the ideal time to invest in average sized firms. While people decide on selling, the head of Goldman Sachs Group encourages purchasing.
Hedge fund scenario, post financial crisisAfter the recent financial crisis, hedge funds are giving increased importance to discipline. Returns are no longer the foremost priority; rather the stress is being laid on strong institutional proceedings.
Benjamin Jealous now venture capitalistEx-president of NAACP, Benjamin Jealous is taking on a new role with the hope of assisting blacks and Latinos. The switch to a venture capitalist from politics aims to give maximum exposure to the high tech market for his target audience.
Smart investors in current eraSteve Antry is a businessman seeking to explore the oil and natural gas industry. He is supported by multiple private equity firms across the country. Antry observes that the current investor is much more aware then he/she was some 30 years back.
Huge returns for top firm managersPrivate equity has brought in huge returns for top firm managers. Leon Black, of Apollo Global Management earned millions of dollars and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs earned much less in comparison to Black but still comfortably touched the millions.
Sulfuric acid unit up for auctionA chemical producer company is seeking a purchaser and when a desired deal is struck, the transaction may result in a sum amounting to $800 million. Credit Suisse Group is managing the auction of the sulfuric acid unit put up by Solvay SA.
Cloud computing attracts investorsCloud computing services are taking over e-commerce, attracting higher returns from reduced investment. The eagerness over e-commerce has decreased due to large sums required for infrastructure and market promotion.
Investors eyeing autism Investors are considering investing in autism, an area which has not received due priority considering the huge percentage of children suffering from this disability. The disorder indicates handsome returns for autism-related investment.
Ireland attracting foreign investorsIreland is an attractive location for foreign investors who are hunting for good bargains. Ireland appears to offer the  stability the rich are aiming for by buying at cheap rates and expecting high returns.
Electricity shortage provides investment optionElectricity shortage in Rawanda offers American companies foreign investment options. Power can be generated by all the different means to fill the huge energy void in this African nation. The American government is providing assistance to possible investors from its country.
Home health provision targeted by private equityIn contrast to 2012, 2013 revealed overall reduced financial activity in the health sector. Home health provision however is an exception which is comparatively cheaper than hospital and nursing home care. Baby boomers becoming senior citizens are a contributing factor to this attention focus.
World�s top toy manufacturer buys Canadian companyMattel has agreed to purchase Mega Brands, including the Canadian company's liabilities. The aim for this top toy manufacturer is to expand its production after the million dollar purchase.
China welcomes foreign investorsChina has revised certain investment policies. With the new revisions Chinese oil firms may be a lucrative investment venue. China Petroleum & Chemical is welcoming external financing allowing it to focus on areas where maximum income is generated such as exploration. Wall Street has looked favorably on this decision.
American company invests in VersaceBlackstone has gone for some foreign investment by purchasing a 20% share in the Italian fashion brand Versace. This investment will allow for new Versace outlets in locations where the company products are in demand.
Asian Hedge funds show decline2013 Asian hedge funds have shown a decline in comparison to the year before. Indicators reveal that reduced sized funds are being preferred by the fund organizers.
Doctors require investment know-howDoctors are looked up to for the education and social status they acquire. However this very instilled over confidence can lead them to unwise investment choices. A new book titled "The White Coat Investor," provides useful investment tips for all requiring it.
Tufco Technologies acquiredTufco Technologies has been acquired by Griffin Holdings LLC for approximated $26 million; each share at the time of purchase was valued at $6.07. The purchaser is a private equity firm located in California, while Tufco Technologies of Green Bay is a producer of wet wipes and certain printing operations.
Private equity firms tap into nutrient manufacturersPrivate equity firms are more and more investing in nutritional supplements which are increasingly being consumed by health conscious Americans. The baby boomers especially are following the proverb "Prevention is better than cure", attracting investors to this health sector.
U.S. companies in China stay upbeat in spite of oddsIn spite of China implementing tighter policy measures, American companies are still upbeat regarding their businesses prospects in this promising economy. Statistics reveal foreign investment has risen by more than 5% in the previous year.
Apple and Samsung continue license disputeApple and Samsung have officially stated that they have failed to reach a reconciliation regarding their ongoing dispute about smartphone mechanization. Huge sums have been spent by both companies in accusations of feature violations. Although Apple appears to be winning the legal battle, it seems Samsung is taking the lead in the market.
MFA initiates hedge fund dictionaryIn association with Latham & Watkins, The Managed Funds Association has facilitated those requiring assistance with hedge fund vocabulary, by providing access to an online dictionary available here . The glossary is detailed with all the key terms and will be routinely revised for any required updates.
Hedge fund association contributes for Republican candidatesSteve Daines, U.S. Rep. has received much support from Montana donors. Daines plans on running for the state's Senate election on a Republican ticket. A group of well-wishers have assisted in raising generous sums for Daines and two other republican contenders.
Ascension becomes nation's prominent health care facilityThe journey of one of the nation's prime health care providers under Anthony Rocco Tersigni leadership has modest beginnings. Continuing with its expansion and growth, Ascension will inaugurate a health facility at the Cayman Islands aiming to provide health care at reduced rates.
Wealthy man aims to protect planetAll the rich do not fit into the typical stereotypes, in fact one not so famous billionaire is making all possible efforts to protect mother earth. Thomas Steyer has to his credit many noteworthy credentials including finding his own hedge fund. Steyer has also agreed to give away half of his fortune along with other like-minded people. 
Richest university receives donationHarvard University has received its most generous donation ever from a single donor. Kenneth Griffin, has contributed $150 million to the university from where he graduated. The president of this Ivy League school has welcomed the endowment stating that such gestures welcome brilliant students irrespective of their financial status.
Apollo seeks to expand its dominanceApollo, owner of American Idol, aims to take control of the Dutch company Endemol. The American venture capital group has finalized a deal, dominating the shares of Endemol which also has to its credit famous productions.
Zale jewelers reboundsAfter Zale jeweler's decision to sign a deal with Golden Gate Capital, prospects are now looking much brighter for the once struggling retailer. Golden Gate Capital will soon reap sound earnings on its business agreement as now Signet Jewelers intends to purchase Zale for a significant sum.
Productivity for the venture-capital market2013 showed productive results for the venture-capital market, companies centered in New York recorded the best gains. A significant difference in the total VC investment was seen between New York and the Silcon Valley firms.
Coke sales declineCoco Cola in the past two years has seen the biggest decline in purchases. Both European and U.S. customers have shown reluctance to buy the beverage leading to reduced percentage of sales.  However the chief executive has shown optimism for an increased demand of their company’s product.
Tesla Motors shares spikeThe high demand for the Model S electric car has increased the share prices of Tesla Motors. The California based company run by Elon Musk recorded earnings of $46 million.
Investors focus on AfricaAfrica is the new focus for aid donors looking at private investment options, agriculture being the prime attraction for businesses. DfID is also revising how it avails investment opportunities with potential investors. 
IMF predicts increased investment in AfricaStandard Chartered has decided to invest the largest amount in a continent where they have been present for over 150 years. African countries have some enviable economic growth rates and the IMF figures also show that investment is expected to increase.
American firm purchases UK companyGTCR has purchased UK company Callcredit Information Group in an undisclosed agreement. However a source has revealed that the sale was for £480 million. Callcredit is not restricted to operations in the UK but also functions in several other countries.
Google purchases Israeli companyGoogle, the giant search engine has purchased an Israeli company SlickLogin, a deal announced on SlickLogin's site. The employees of the procured company will continue to be employed with Google. One of the goals that both companies have is to make the login process user friendly.
Siemens starts new firmSiemens has started a venture firm with the aim of assisting companies in their infancy, although established companies which pursue to expand their horizons will also be facilitated. The focus of assistance is for selected fields such as health protection and the energy sector.
Tyson Foods carries out business dealAfter making several purchases last year Tyson Foods intends on another business deal, Michael Foods Group is the company the meat provider is eyeing to procure. Michael Foods carries out business under a variety of names which could be advantageous for its possible new owner.
Capital Partners purchases Breen Color ConcentratesCapital Partners has purchased Breen Color Concentrates in an undisclosed deal. Breen President Howard DeMonte has shown optimism for further development under the recent transaction.  He has also indicated that there are existing cultural similarities between the two firms.
Water taxi to classWater taxis may be the next means of conveyance to move about at the FGCU premises. The bodies of water for this purpose are two lakes linked to each other. This potential boat ride is one of transportation options under consideration.
The changes you made will be lost if you navigate away from this page.Are you sure you want to leave this page?Google has invested not only in small new companies but also in big enterprises, reflecting that the past few years have seen a big spike in the business deals Google has undertaken. Upcoming plans include targeting markets in the third world countries for increased gains.
Tulsa investment and company expansionA firm providing engineering assistance has received financing from Argonaut Private Equity. The Tulsa based company will utilize the investment for the purpose of further reaching into the market. The investor, also Tulsa based is continuing to expand in the region.
Deaconess Associations Inc. has new member on boardDeaconess Associations Inc. a health company worth millions of dollars and with a history dating as far back as the late 1800s has taken on Greg Taylor as a member of the board of directors. This new board member and venture capitalist has been affiliated with the Cincinnati health provider since 2011 as an investment committee member.
Natural reserves attract investmentNorth America continues to see a surge in investment of natural resources. Oil and gas top the list of where financiers are placing their money. The current year is expected to continue with this investment trend.
Najafi Cos aids Paula DeenNajafi Cos deals with unpopular companies and Paula Deen can fit into this category. The Arizona based company has invested millions of dollars in Paula Deen Ventures, Paula's recent firm. Jahm Najafi is confident of Deen's success due to her strong fan following.
Harvard loses private equity executiveHarvard University has to hire another private equityboss. Lane MacDonald has taken on a new executive post for Fidelity Investments owned by the Johnson household. Millions of dollars in grants make Harvard the richest institution for higher education.
George Soros's funds top the listGeorge Soros's hedge funds have topped the list, recording the healthiest growth for the previous year.
Reputable brand important for investmentWith the ongoing competitiveness in the market, a reputable brand name is a prerequiste for healthy investment. A trustworthy brand is what institutions put confidence in.
Investment in the midwestThe Midwest appears to be the next investment hub. Rather than companies relocating to either of the coasts for venture cash, the central states are taking an increased focal point for this purpose.
Huge investment in declining industryDon Yacktman has gone against the tide and invested heavily in a beverage industry where others are showing reluctance. PepsiCo and Coco Cola have the trust of this renowned investor who finds both companies offer successful business.
Spiked investment in internet and software companiesStatistics reveal that the comfort level for investment in internet and software companies is at an all time high. The preferred hi-tech on Wall Street is where investors are choosing to place their money.
Crowdfunding sites provide direct sponsorshipFor those who have traditionally funded needy people through reputed NGOs have another option to consider. Various crowdfunding sites are providing sponsors the choice of sending money directly to deserving individuals. However a question cropping up is what lies in store for the traditional charities if this new method of sponsorship is adopted.
Equity Crowdfunding: a revolutionary development or much ado about nothing?Financial Poise presents "Equity Crowdfunding: a revolutionary development or much ado about nothing?" This webinar will discuss in broad strokes what the new law allows today, what it will soon allow and how companies raise investment capital.
A Chapter 11 Debtor Need Not Be BrokeDoesn't a company have to be insolvent in order to file bankruptcy?  Find out in "A Chapter 11 Debtor Need Not Be Broke."
"Roadmap to Buying a Business" Webinar Now Available West LegalEdcenter and Financial Poise premiered their jointly-produced webinar,  "Roadmap to Buying a Business," on January 30, 2014.  This webinar is part of the "One Hour Law School" series of webinars being co-produced in 2014.  The one hour webinar explains the basics of buying a company.
"How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease" Webinar Now AvailableWest LegalEdcenter and  Financial Poise premiered their  jointly-produced webinar,  "How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease," on January 25, 2014.  The one hour webinar explains the basics of negotiating a commercial lease from a tenant's perspective.
Cleveland companies require more investmentCleveland companies are ready to spring up, but from there more investment is required for substantial expansion and growth. If this lift is not provided, many start-ups may fade into oblivion and the potential job offerings will no longer exist.
New investment focus on commercial propertyRecent investment venues for hedge funds are places where banks are showing their reluctance. Malls and hotels apparently are the point of focus for potential investors, indicating more cash inflow than required.
Risky investment can lead to growthIn Tom Stevenson's opinion, investors should not edge away from fluctuation in the market. In fact he considers it as an opportunity to take advantage of what others are fleeing from.  Presumably history has shown that discerning investors have been those who have remained composed during unsettling times.
Suggestion for "will" beyond tangible belongingsLegal experts are suggesting that besides writing a will which covers tangible belongings, social media ownership also needs to be included in the deed. With privacy settings and password guarded information the entire data becomes inaccessible when someone passes away.
GlobalHealth bought by Kinderhook IndustriesGlobalHealth Inc. Insurance has stated that with their new owner - Kinderhook Industries, they will now be able to provide increased insurance coverage and cheaper health facilities to the people of Oklahoma. GlobalHealth Chief Executive Scott Vaughn aims to offer insurance coverage to the maximum number of people and hopes for growth in double digits for the current year.
Google invests in inexhaustible energyThe giant search engine, Google has heavily invested in a company providing solar energy to two sun filled states.  Recurrent Engergy has started operations in California and Arizona and besides lighting up homes, employment was provided to a large number of people during the building phase.
Jack Butler takes on new postJack Butler, a distinguished lawyer will soon take on the post of executive vice president at Hilco Global. Butler is due to leave his current law firm Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom, where his expertise has been bankruptcy cases. His new appointment will take him beyond insolvency matters.
Silicon Valley professionals eye the MidwestThe Midwest is an attraction for venture capitalists. Mark D. Kvamme and his partner have raised millions of dollars with a strong belief that these central states offer the ideal setting for budding and thriving businesses. A lower cost of living in comparison to the Silicon Valley and several other factors contribute to the financing incentive.
Venture Capital escalatesThe statistics of the previous month indicate that venture capitalists are ready to spill in the cash. The prime investment is in software. However some analysts are showing concern, wondering if the financing rate should slow down.
Farmington company boost productionLOGOS Resources is receiving millions of dollars in investment by a private firm. The oil drilling company has 20 existing wells and plans for over ten more in the current year. LOGOS is upbeat about the new affiliation it has with its  investor ArcLight Capital Partners.
Lawsuits about "natural" foodThe "natural" food placed on market counters can be very misleading. Customers are complaining that the natural products are unnatural, filled with chemicals and other artificial flavors. Legal action or threat of it against some of the big names is an option to overcome these misconceptions.
Cigarette prices vary in statesNew York has highly imposed taxes which makes cigarettes overpriced as in comparison to certain other states where they are much less costly. Later on in the year, the sale of cigarettes will no longer be available at CVS.
Bill Gates replaced by new CEOSatya Nadella is the new CEO of Microsoft. As Bill Gates takes on responsibilities as a consultant in his company, he has full confidence of the skills and potential of the new leader, stating that Satya has all that is required to take Microsoft to greater heights.
Home cooking leads to thriving businessZalmi Duchman started his business "The Fresh Diet" from his very own residential kitchen; later his success story led him to a business with several kitchens nationwide. The formula to this entrepreneur's accomplishment is plain and natural.
Getting about in San FranciscoThe Scoot Network is spreading its service destinations. Not only is a cleaner environment a result of the electric run mopeds but reduced fares and quicker travel time are all benefits of this means of  transportation.
High profile banks in legal woesBanking giant JP Morgan has recently been in the spotlight for mismanagement issues; however that's not the only high profile bank to have legal woes. Goldman Sachs is allegedly being brought to court by an Australian hedge fund for misrepresenting the facts of a sale deed.
LightSquared Inc seeks solutions to end bankruptcyLightSquared Inc., a wireless firm has shown intentions to negotiate with its creditors to overcome the existing financial crisis it faces. Three solutions are on the table, out of which one has to be selected for the purpose of restructuring the company.
Dutchland Plastics Corp. announces new investorsDutchland Plastics caters to a diversified market, providing items ranging from amusement products to mechanical supplies. The company is expected to show significant growth with recent investment from three firms, namely Capital Partners, Omni Investors Group and Squire Ridge Co.
Walmart's reduced earningsIn spite of Christmas shopping Walmart suffered a decline in sales. The reduced earnings for the end of 2013 are being blamed on extreme weather conditions and a cutback in support for the impoverished.
Sunny state draws health care investmentAs Florida tops the list of senior citizens' retirement choice, healthcare facilities are bringing in attractive investments. The healthcare sector has primarily contributed to the surge in investment figures. Attractive investment options are also magnetizing venture capitalists from outside of Florida.
Zoar Investment Group, LLC files for Chapter 11Zoar Investment Group, LLC filed for Chapter 11 on Jan. 30, 2014.  The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-51899 in the Georgia Northern Bankruptcy Court. Paul Reece Marr, P.C. is representing the company. Bong Bai and Do Hyun Bai are some of the unsecured creditors.
1Up Allstar Servicenters, LLC Chapter 111Up Allstar Servicenters, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 30, 2014.  The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-00542 in the North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Ceradini Law, PLLC is representing the company. Allstar Environmental, LLC and Autoparts International are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Google's shares soarThe giant search engine Google is continuing to thrive. The closing of last year recorded an increase in profits. The statistics show that the 3 billion mark was well crossed in earnings.
California company invests in Simple Energy Inc.Several people with savings have decided to invest in Simple Energy. On account of this investment Simple Energy plans to broaden its market in the country and further innovate with products. The company's prime focus is the service zone.
Internet businesses showing high profitsNew American businesses carried out on the internet are recording fine profits. Employers are enjoying the fruits of their efforts and are also rewarding their employees by increased wages. In fact due to the nature of success additional employees are being hired to ensure that supply and demand needs are met.
Morgan Stanley considers collaborationMorgan Stanley is considering further collaboration with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. During the financial crunch MUFG assisted the high profile bank with millions of dollars making it the prime shareowner. The two banks initially focused on business in Japan but the target has broadened targeting leading U.S. companies.
CJS Enterprises, LLC Chapter 11CJS Enterprises, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 28, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-10635 in the Pennsylvania Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Fox Chase Bank and Hartboro Federal Savings are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Bay Club Partners-472, LLC files for Chapter 11Bay Club Partners-472, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 28, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-30394 in the Oregon Bankruptcy Court. Some of the unsecured creditors are A & M Glass Service and Above And Beyond Fitness Repair LLC.
U.S. energy self-relianceRecent U.S. oil output statistics show an increase, indicating a possible trend towards gradual energy independence. Expectations are that by next year the U.S. may outpace the world leaders in oil production. Investment in this sector provides attractive and long lasting benefits.
Healthcare attracts investment in OhioThe health protection sector in Cleveland has drawn large venture funds, following the Minneapolis area which recorded the highest investment for 2013. Nationwide trends in this sector however showed a decline.
Investors seek attractive venuesInvestors eyeing investment venues are heading to Orlando in record numbers.  Most companies at the scheduled conference for next week are hi-tech based. The increased interest in investment reflects healthy economic trends.
Vitamins provide financial gainsSupplements are good for the health, indeed; they also provide alluring means of investment. Jamieson Laboratories Ltd. has a huge Canadian market for its nutrients and with its current purchase plan by CCMP Capital Advisors, intentions have been shown to especially enter the U.S. market for increased gains.
Rolex watches & their worthTom Perkins in a question answer session showed his wrist watch which he stated was equivalent in worth to several Rolexes. Richard Mille timepieces can range from thousands to millions of dollars.
Ford reporting best year2013 proved to be a lucrative year for Ford which has reported that profits per share increased over 20 cents in comparison to the year before. The motor company stated that 2013 was one of the most productive years ever.
Classic cars and your investmentFor those who find investing in a house too expensive, perhaps another option to consider is putting some cash behind a classic car. However make sure that you are willing to drive that oldie until it lures another purchaser.
Bitcoin's practicality or lack of itBitcoin in spite of its appreciation by many,&nbsp; lacks practicality to enter the real time market. Foremost the e-currency has yet to pass the test of reliability; frequent unlawful activities have been reported while using this convenient mode of payment. Many significant nations have also voiced their concerns over the trending currency.
ChamberWise and Financial Poise Form Education Consortium to Provide Low Cost Business Education Programming ChamberWise and Financial Poise, a leader in the design, development and production of quality business education programming, have formed an Education Consortium to provide best-in-class business webinars to members of Chambers of Commerce at low cost and to generate revenues for Chambers joining the ChamberWise Education Consortium.<br>
Commercial Law League of America and DailyDAC, LLC Enter into Strategic Relationship The Commercial Law League of America and DailyDAC, LLC recently entered in a strategic relationship to co-produce webinars.&nbsp; As part of the relationship, CLLA members will also author articles aimed to educate the business community about commercial credit, bankruptcy, and other finance issues.
New Webinar Announced - Roadmap to Buying a CompanyFinancial Poise and ChamberWise are pleased to announce a brand new webinar "Roadmap to Buying a Company" premiering on January 30, 2014 at 3pm CST.<br><p style="LINE-HEIGHT: 15pt; MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; BACKGROUND: white; mso-outline-level: 2" class="MsoNormal"><span style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'; COLOR: black; FONT-SIZE: 12.5pt; mso-fareast-font-family: 'Times New Roman'"><!--?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /--><o:p></o:p></span></p>
Donald Trump's reflectionsThe high profile baby boomer Donald Trump feels that the upcoming age group has many aspirations and vitality to their credit. His personal moments of pride are his kids and the Trump Tower which not only bears his name but is a prime sightseeing destination. As for why the work environment is different in the Trump Organization ... it's the pre-existing trust in the employees once they are hired.
Cadbury & the twistCadbury's new advertisement has England doing the twist. After a delicious bite of the yummy chocolate brand and being put on hold after making a call, an office administrator is swayed by the 'waiting' song. The video has already gone viral on YouTube.
Amazon one step aheadAmazon is aiming to meeting consumer orders even before they are made. The idea is to ship the product where there is anticipation of customer demand. This way delivery can be ensured for the same day the order has been placed.
Jul-Bet Enterprises LLC Chapter 11Jul-Bet Enterprises LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 21, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-70204 in the New York Eastern Bankruptcy Court. LaMonica Herbst and Maniscalco is representing the company. APC River Partners LLC, Charles R. Cuddy, Eric Bressler, Internal Revenue Service, IPFS Corporation, Julius F. Klein and Law Offices of Anthony Capetola are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
David J. Thompson Mailing Corporation files for Chapter 11David J. Thompson Mailing Corporation filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 21, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-00237 in the Pennsylvania Middle Bankruptcy Court. Hoegen & Associates, PC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are A&B Door Contractors, Inc., A.O. Rent, Advance Auto Parts, Ali A Alley MD, P.C., American Food and Vending, Association of Marketing Service, Baumfolder Corporation, Berwick Hospital Center and BMW Financial Services.
The world's richest on a single busThe world's richest people could squeeze onto a single bus. Furthermore this bus full of wealth is the equivalent to what is owned by the neediest half of the entire globe. The £1tn mark of the affluent reflects the growing disparity leading to governmental instability and societal strains.
Top 3 tourist destinationsChina is no longer in the top 3 tourist attractions. Spain has regained its lost position following France and the U.S. The recovering Spanish economy will benefit from this large inflow of visitors, who are primarily from European countries, Britain being in the lead. The political turmoil in Egypt has also contributed to this spike in tourism.
Expecting women to avoid local waterExpecting women are being encouraged to avoid drinking local drink water in W.Va. A poisonous leak has been reported in the water and bottled water is being recommended for pregnant ladies. Even in places where the water has been declared safe, local residents are still not convinced about using the water.
Mohajer12 Corp. files for Chapter 11Mohajer12 Corp. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 20, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-00176 in the Alabama Southern Bankruptcy Court. James A. Johnson, P.C. is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Alabama Dept of Revenue, Bank of America, Community Bank, Hancock Bank, Jeffery J. Hartley, Esquire and McPherson Oil Products.
Dots, LLC Chapter 11Dots, LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 20, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-11016 in the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court. Lowenstein Sandler LLP is representing the company.
Iranian official killed in YemenAn Iranian envoy was murdered when he confronted his abductors. The incident occurred in the vicinity of the chief diplomat's home in Yemen. Such violence is prevalent in Yemen a stronghold of al Qaeda.
Two luxury cars looking at plug-in hybrid optionsTwo luxury brands are aiming for plug-in hybrid cars. With the high costs of gasoline, Bentley and Rolls-Royce seek to attract customers with an alternative source of energy for their vehicles. However exclusively run electric cars are not the solution, due to apprehensions of limited distances being covered and lengthy durations for battery charging.
Van Buren Homes, Inc. files for Chapter 11Van Buren Homes, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 on Jan 17, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-20185. William C. Price of Thorp Reed & Armstrong, LLP is representing the company.
Plextronics, Inc. Chapter 11Plextronics, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 16, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-10080 in the Delaware Bankruptcy Court. Campbell & Levine, LLC is representing the company. ABC Fire Extinguisher, Abeck Electric, ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc., Agilent Technologies, Airgas USA, LLC, AIST-NT, Aldrich Chemical Co., Inc., Alfa Aesar, All Water Systems and Allegheny Answering Service, Inc. are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Park Tahoe, LP files Chapter 11Park Tahoe, LP filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 16, 2014. The case was registered under case no. 14-bk-10250 in the California Central Bankruptcy Court. Steven R Fox is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are American Hotel Register, AT&T, AT&T - One Net, Auto Clerk, Brady Industries, Brewer & Tominaga, City of South Lake Tahoe, CL Rafferty Treasurer, CoHo Res and Continental Central Credit, Inc.
A surprise rock on MarsScientists have closely been monitoring Mars for the past decade. To their surprise a rock has landed on the red planet in front of their observer device. The experts are quite taken aback by this recent finding.
Sauter & Associates, Inc. Chapter 11Sauter & Associates, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 16, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-60126 in the Oregon Bankruptcy Court. Marc W Gunn is representing the company. Some of listed unsecured creditors are Benjamin M. Kearney, Trustee, Bert P. Krages, II, CC Reporting & Videoconferencing, Gaydos, Churnside, Balthrop PC, Internal Revenue Service, James W. Burton, JD Fulwiler & Co Insurance and Kent & Johnson LLP.
Leix Construction & Development, Inc. files for Chapter 11Leix Construction & Development, Inc. filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 16, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-01320 in the Illinois Northern Bankruptcy Court. Jonathan D. Golding of the The Golding Law Offices, P.C. is representing the company. Advanced Disposal, Advanced Disposal Services, Angelo & Rosie Mollo, Angelo De Carlo, Anthony & Melissa Smith, Capital One Bank ( USA ) N.A., City of Chicago, ComEd, Cook County Treasurer and Courtney Calabrese Jenkinson are some of the unsecured creditors.
Tracking glucose levels through the eyesThanks to Google the days of pricking for sugar levels may soon be over. Google is experimenting with contact lenses for this purpose, wherein the tiniest bits of technology will be used. Patients are often reluctant to monitor their glucose levels simply because of the inconvenience and discomfort of pricking.
Pope calls for transparency in fiscal mattersPope Francis is continuing with his measures of reform. The Pope's call for simplicity has forced him to take disciplinary action against a bishop who spent heavily on his abode. The financial directors of the Vatican have also been dismissed in the midst of fraud accusations. Other stringent measures have been taken including the replacements of prominent cardinals.
Woman arrested for wearing Google glassGoogle Glass is being experimented on selected people before it becomes available in the market. The product with a concealed camera is able to follow oral directions such as to provide required information or to check for the latest correspondence. Authorities who find drivers wearing this accessory are being charged.
Largest salmon fishery threatenedIf mining for minerals is carried out in a certain area of Alaska, it poses great environmental risks. Bristol Bay has the biggest salmon fishery and there are grave concerns about the harm the Pebble Mine project will inflict in spite of the huge profits that can potentially be gained. Hostility to this project from some prominent names will perhaps save this region from lasting abuse.
China's polluted airFor sunrise lovers and especially those who like to see the real thing China may not be the place for this admiration. China's level of pollution is so high that the horizon is not visible and a TV screen has been set up showing this natural occurrence.
Saudi company purchases Canadian aircraftA new Saudi airliner has signed an agreement to purchase Canadian aircraft. The delivery of the planes, which will seat around 150 travelers, will take approximately another two years. Saudi Gulf is still awaiting legal permission to commence its services.
Premier Bancshares, Inc. Chapter 11Premier Bancshares, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 15, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-40206 in the Missouri Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Carmody MacDonald P.C. is representing the company. Adam Aronson, Alan D. Clark, Alan R. Nageleisen, Albert J. Morgenthaler, Alexis M. Lyner-Wood, Alfred H. Schmitz/Irma L. Schmitz Trust, Alice Reinkemeyer, Allan W. Rodgers, Allen K. Shih and Amy N. Armour are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Chambliss Rentals, LLC files for Chapter 11Chambliss Rentals, LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 15, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-10154 in the Mississippi Northern Bankruptcy Court. Russell W. Savory is representing the company. The unsecured creditors are Bancorp South, BankPlus, Chambliss Builders, Citizens National Bank Of Meridian, DeSoto County Bank, Desoto County Tax Collector, ELS Management, LLC and Jerry W. Chambliss.
India seeking solar energy solutionsIndia with its growing energy demands is looking for power alternatives for its increasing population. Solar energy, at cost effective rates is what the current government is working towards. India, with its warm climatic conditions has the ideal environment for adopting this technology.
Bieber in possible troubleJustin Bieber has been accused of harming his neighbor's home. The police, after getting legal permission are looking for supporting evidence. The complainant has filed damages for $20,000.
McDonald's unhappy with some customersMcDonald's is not happy about some regular customers; a group of elderly Korean folks who spend long hours in a New York branch but order very little. This practice is annoying other people waiting for eating space. The situation has required the intervention of police to disperse this group who apparently are not attracted to other possible meeting venues.
Jimmy Hansen Land & Livestock Company, LLC files for Chapter 11Jimmy Hansen Land & Livestock Company, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 14, 2014. The case was registered under case no. 14-bk-20021 in the Wyoming Bankruptcy Court. Paul Hunter is representing the company. Braden Real Estate and Auctions, Bruce, Kim and Jimmy Hansen, Hansen and Peck, Pinnacle Bank-Wyoming and Steven Edwards et.al are listed as the unsecured creditors.
Prometheus Health Imaging, Inc. Chapter 11Prometheus Health Imaging, Inc. filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 14, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-10250 in the California Central Bankruptcy Court. Alan F Broidy is representing the company. The unsecured creditors are Account Receivable Acquisitions, Ali Nasih Mohsen, GE Medical Systems, GE Medical Systems Europe, Jihad Mohamad Khalil, Nadim Nimr Yassin and Sauj Al Muttaj.
Restroom naps due to overworkWall Street is taking measures to reduce the working hours for some of its staff. The complaint arose when an apprentice passed away last year, there was speculation about his hours of work. While some leading banks have started giving Saturdays as a holiday, some trainees have shared that their best option for a break is to head to the restroom and doze off there for a while.
WackyTaco682 for daughter's nameApparently having a child named by the internet has appealed to a couple in Canada. Although Stephen has said that he and his wife will have the final say - as they don't want any absurdities for their daughter, they have requested ideas for their awaited child's first and second name. The leading suggestion so far is appealing - if it will be selected is yet to be determined.
SMS service on declineThe once favorite SMS is allegedly declining in usage. Internet technology is presumably being preferred as a means of correspondence due to the popularity of smartphones. However differing opinions state that the youth prefer this technology whereas those above 55 are gradually embracing the SMS service.
Inc. Graphic Impressions NW Chapter 11Inc. Graphic Impressions NW filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 13, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-10225 in the Washington Western Bankruptcy Court. Denice E Moewes is representing the company. AJ Adhesives, Alan H. Bell, APC Pallet, Attn: Seattle District Counsel, Atwood Adhesives, Barton J. Moen, Bizxchange-DEA Shipp, Brian A. Shapley, Brian J. Fredette and Carmen S. Regan are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
RAM Entertainment LLC files for Chapter 11RAM Entertainment LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 13, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-30009 in the West Virginia Southern Bankruptcy Court. Caldwell & Riffee is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Farmers Bank and Savings Company, M & T Bank, M2 Properties, LLC, Sheriff of Jackson County, Sheriff of Mason County, West Virginia State Tax Department, WV Department of Employment Security and WV Insurance Commissioner.
Iranian neighbor calls on removal of sanctionsThe prime minister of UAE has stated that if the bans imposed on Iran are removed then everyone will be at advantage. Dubai is the center point for the trade traffic that Iran has with its neighbors. Iran has maintained that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes although the international community has not always agreed with this view point.
Investment in GreeceHistorically rich Greece also well known for its tourist attractions is still struggling financially. However a Canadian company has shown its desire to dig for gold in the Skouries mine. Eldorado Gold Corp plans to invest $1 billion over the next few years; but opposition has already set in and clouded the government's promotional project for external investment.
Women facing poverty in the U.S.Recent reports suggest that many women in the U.S., in spite of widespread claims of women empowerment are on the brink of dire financial conditions. Maria Shriver in her study states that the affected women are by no means greedy for all gains, rather they are putting in maximum efforts and yet the results are not bringing them sound well-being. The figures for those in monetary hardships crosses the 40 million mark and some 28 million have children they have to provide for.
Sean Dunne seeks permanent U.S. residenceSean Dunne, a property developer is seeking permanent residence in the U.S. by means of applying for a green card. Currently he is residing on the east coast with an E-2 Visa. Dunne is facing insolvency issues both in his native country and his current nation of residence.
N770 Ge, LLC files for Chapter 11N770 Ge, LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 9, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-30056 in the Ohio Southern Bankruptcy Court. J Matthew Fisher of Allen, Kuehnle Stovall & Neuman LLP is representing the company. Geoffrey W. Edelsten, Powell Aircraft Title Service, Rafael, Isaac and Limor Mawardi, Rio Neches Aviation II, LLC and West Star Aviation, Inc. are listed as the unsecured creditors.
N&N Construction and Investments, L.L.C. Chapter 11N&N Construction and Investments, L.L.C. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 9, 2014. The case was filed under case no. 14-bk-10155 in the Washington Western Bankruptcy Court. Daniel J Bugbee is representing the company. Charles Ekberg, Hang Thi Ngoc Hoang, Internal Revenue Service, Lithia Real Estate, Inc., Lynnwood Utilities, Mr. 99 & Associates, Inc., Snohomish County Treasurer, Studio19 Architects, and United States Attorney are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Pediatrician wife helps in selecting juryRosemary Martoma, a child specialist gave her opinion in selecting the jury for her husband, Mathew Martoma's trial. The choice to be made was from 35 possible jurors. The selection resulted in choosing more females than males. The accused has also been reportedly dismissed from Harvard Law School.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor's beamOn being questioned if Justice Sonia Sotomayor wore a denture, the reply was in the negative. However the credit for Sotomayor's smile was given to a dentist who guessed that Sotomayor was not a frequent smiley face because of her teeth. The relationship between the patient and dentist has developed into more than just a dental care provider.
Detroit sued by retired folksDetroit plans on deducting medical care facilities for its citizens. However retired employees are suing against this action. The complainants are afraid that the cutting will make them personally pay for their health care benefits, making it highly impossible for some of the folks who are living in impoverished conditions.
Creative job advertisement - on billboardA French unemployed man sought a new way of advertising his CV - on a billboard. Laurent Le Bret dressed up as Santa and said that there was one gift he desired - a job. The gentleman's creativity was rewarded as several jobs were offered out of which one was accepted by "Santa".
All Norwegians are millionairesNorway's state treasury has increased to such an amount that technically all Norwegians are millionaires. The credit is due to the nation's natural oil resources. These excess funds contribute towards the nation's pension reserves.
84-year-old declined medical carePhyllis Fine received ideal medical care for a certain duration, leading to improvements in her physical condition. The elderly patient had suffered a stroke, on account of which she had become extremely weak. Policy however has forced the hospice staff to decline further care to Mrs. Fine because her condition is not deteriorating any further.
Al Hambra Estates, LLC Chapter 11Al Hambra Estates, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 8, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-10311 in the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court. Leonard S. Singer of Zazella & Singer, Esqs. is representing the company. Strasser & Associates, P.C. and Valley National Bank are listed as the unsecured creditors.
SoCal Eats Point Loma LLC files for Chapter 11SoCal Eats Point Loma LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 8, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-00099 in the California Southern Bankruptcy Court. Alan Vanderhoff of the Vanderhoff Law Group is representing the company.
Olive Branch Plaza Corp. Chapter 11Olive Branch Plaza Corp. filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 7, 2014. The case was filed as case no. 14-bk-22015 in the New York Southern Bankruptcy Court. Gabriel Del Virginia, Esq. of the Law Offices of Gabriel Del Virginia is representing the company.
Segars Properties, LLC files for Chapter 11Segars Properties, LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 7, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-30209 in the Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court. Coffin & Driver, PLLC is representing the company.
Internet addiction & workaholicsRecent studies have revealed that internet access is causing workers to continue their work after office hours.&nbsp; Although many such employees are ranked as successful, downsides exist - which are being brushed aside by employers. Waking up at odd hours of the night for checking correspondence updates and similar routine patterns can lead to dejection and tension in these "successful" workers.
Asian tycoons' longevityProminent business owners belonging to specific Asian nations are octogenarians. This lengthy life span is not extraordinary in the countries to which these wealthy men belong. Several people listed are amongst the wealthiest men of the world.
South faces freezing conditionsThe cold weather is at its peak and the Southern states are not being spared of the intense winter temperatures. Many states are freezing, including even those in the south. Pictures of frozen fountains are being posted on social media sites of some Southern states.
Kia of Hayward, Chapter 11Kia of Hayward filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Jan 6, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-30017 in the California Northern Bankruptcy Court. James A. Shepherd of the Law Offices of James Shepherd is representing the company. Andrea A. Wirum, Trustee, Chief Tax Collection Section, Contra Costa County Treasurer, Donald R. White, East Bay Municipal Utility District, First National Bank, Franchise Tax Board, Goldberg, Stinnett, Davis and Linchey, Internal Revenue Service and John P. Christian, Esq. are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Five J's Enterprises, Inc. files for Chapter 11Five J's Enterprises, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 6, 2014. The case was filed under case no. 14-bk-40050 in the California Northern Bankruptcy Court. Mark A. McLaughlin of the Law Offices of Mark A. McLaughlin is representing the company. Some of unsecured creditors are Allied Credit/Alliance One, Ally Financial, American Express, Bank of America, Bridgeport Financial, Contra Costa County and Debbie Jacobson.
Spanish royal accused of fraudPrincess Cristina of Spain has been summoned by a Spanish court in fraud charges. The 48-year-old daughter of King Juan Carlos will be questioned about her dealings with her husband in a company by the name of Aizoon. Inaki Urdangarin is already being questioned about discrepancies in another organization.
Pakistan has least favorable opinion of U.S.In a recent study, the opinion of people from nearly 40 nations was carried out, sharing their approval or disapproval of the sole superpower. The results show that the majority of Americans have a high opinion of their motherland. The Philippines was another country which had a positive viewpoint of the U.S. Pakistan however along with Jordan and Egypt had the least supportive impression of the country in question.
Increased cyber threats in 2014All those content that their cyber security systems are impenetrable need to think again. Even high profile companies have had security breaches. It is essential to know the possible risks that exist and what measures to take to protect against them. McAfee research labs are aware of the present dangers and have released a list of the major threats to watch out for. 
JPChase & Co held accountable for Madoff's Ponzi Scheme negligenceJP Morgan is being held accountable for not tracking the abnormalities in Madoff's Ponzi scheme. A sum almost to the tune of $2 billion will be paid by the bank to three separate managements. A portion of the money will go towards helping some of the people who suffered on account of this fraud.
World's richest getting richerDue to share prices rising some of the world's wealthiest men have become even richer. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet are in the list of people whose net worth has increased. Some prominent foreign billionaires include Spanish executive Amancio Ortega Gaona, known famously for his clothing line Zara and Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim.
2014 to witness Android in vehiclesInnovation - the key word for those in the field of technology. Google one of the leaders in innovation is aiming to have Android in vehicles by the end of this year. Some of the Open Automotive Alliance coalition members are GM, Honda and Hyundai.
Architect accused of involuntary manslaughterGerhard Becker, a German architect has been accused of involuntary manslaughter. Glenn Allen, a fireman was killed when the home of a ceiling caved in. Upon investigation it was revealed that Becker who had designed and built the home had installed a second rate fireplace and had also violated other building codes.
Man accused of stealing brainsA young man just over 20 years old has been accused of selling brains online. David Charles stole about 60 jars of this human organ from the storage room of a medical history museum. The stolen possessions are valued at about $4,800. The accused is due to appear in court at the end of January.
Joe's Friendly Service & Son, Inc. files for Chapter 11Joe's Friendly Service & Son, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Jan. 2, 2014. The case was filed under case no. 14-bk-70001 in the New York Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Fred S Kantrow of the Law Offices of Avrum J. Rosen, PLLC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Accurate Mechanical Works Inc., Arrow Produce, Baldor Speciality Foods, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Cablevision, Christopher J. Chalavoutis CPA, Colamussi Credit Shelter Trust, DEP Plumbing & Heating, Dwayne Taylor and Empire Merchants.
Thatched Cottage LP Chapter 11Thatched Cottage LP filed for Chapter 11 voluntary protection on Jan. 2, 2014. The case was registered as case no. 14-bk-70002 in the New York Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Fred S Kantrow of the Law Offices of Avrum J. Rosen, PLLC is representing the company.  Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Christopher J. Chalavoutis CPA, Colamussi Credit Shelter Trust, Dwayne Taylor, F.L. Landscaping, Inc., Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Gibb Capital and Happy Rock Merchant Solutions are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Senor Fish, Inc. files for Chapter 11Senor Fish, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 on Jan. 2, 2014. The case was registered under case no. 14-bk-10076 in the California Central Bankruptcy Court. Law Office of Marc Weitz is representing the company. Ace Beverage Co., ADT LLC, Alessandro Caffe, Inc., Arandas Imports, Inc., AT&T Corp., Bank Of America Corporation, Bread Lounge, LLC and California Franchise Tax Board are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Chrysler purchased by Italian FiatThe Italian car manufacturer Fiat will be purchasing Chrysler shares. 41.5 percent of shares remain to be purchased by the Italian car company. On hearing the news Fiat shares rose just over 15% in the Italian stock market.
Lawyer leaves firm he startedAn attorney has parted from a law firm after 28 years. The 120-attorney law firm is taking a new direction which Donald Looper does not agree with. Looper is temporarily going to share office space with a friend while he works on setting up a new firm.
Manitoba temperature compared to MarsManitoba is freezing and the temperatures of the extreme winter conditions are being recorded. -31 degrees Celsius has been documented and it's being compared to the freezing conditions of the planet Mars. However the Manitoba record has still not been broken, which shows that -37.8 degrees Celsius has been the lowest temperature.
Latvia starts New Year with new currencyAlthough Latvia has been a member of the EU for a number of years, only at the start of this year has the euro become its official currency.  Once a Soviet state, Latvia has displayed the speediest growing economy in the EU. The euro has replaced the lats - the national currency of Latvia, leading to expectations that now there will be less financial dependency on Russia.
Immigration friendly policiesJohn Boehner is the man responsible to see that business owners seeking entry into the USA be facilitated in their purpose. For this objective he has hired Rebecca Tallent to assist in laying out immigration policies that will assist interested entrepreneurs rather than edge them away. There are already concerns about the justification of existing  job opportunities and benefits for natural U.S. citizens as opposed to foreigners.
Physicians sue new healthcare coverage providerAfter some 2000 doctors have been removed from a healthcare provider's list, the affected New York physicians have sued UnitedHealthcare for this decision. The doctors have a number of objections that they have listed in their legal complaint. The medical specialists have especially shown their concern that the aged and handicapped will suffer the most due to this step.
Palm Gardens Mobile Home Park, L.C. files for Chapter 11Palm Gardens Mobile Home Park, L.C. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 31, 2013. The case was filed under case no. 13-bk-15557 in the Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court. Latham,Shuker,Eden & Beaudine, LLP is representing the company.
Chamax LLC, Chapter 11Chamax, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 31, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-16906 in the Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court. Stichter Riedel Blain & Prosser is representing the company.
Upper Valley Commercial Corporation files for Chapter 11Upper Valley Commercial Corporation filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 31, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-13110 in the New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court. The Tamposi Law Group is representing the company. Abby C. O'Donnell, Alfa M. Patten, Allene Millette, Allyson Bruckner, Ann Winter, Austin Charles Palmer, Ava Mae Boudreault and Barbara A. DeRosia are listed as the unsecured creditors.
Dunn's Outdoors, LLC, Chapter 11Dunn's Outdoors, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 31, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-50976 in the Kentucky Western Bankruptcy Court. Farmer &amp; Wright, PLLC is representing the company. Dunn's Outdoors supplies its customers with everything they need for their next hunting or fishing event. Some of the unsecured creditors are AcuSport Corporation, AMS Bowfishing, APZB Industries, Inc., Ardisam, Avian-X, Bending Branches, Benji Stringer, Beretta USA, Big Rock Sports and Bowtech Archery.
New Life International files for Chapter 11New Life International filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 31, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-10974 in the Tennessee Middle Bankruptcy Court. Gullett, Sanford, Robinson, Martin is representing the company. Abbotts, James M., Abbotts, Robert T., Abbotts, William C., Abel, John, Accident Fund General Insur. Co., Acevedo, Ramon, Adelsberg, Steven, Adelsberg, Steven, Aitken, Beth Ann and Alabama Securities Commission are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
DJH GP files for Chapter 11DJH GP filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 30, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-20246 in the California Central Bankruptcy Court. Jeffrey S Benice is representing the company. Dornin Investment Group is listed as the unsecured creditor.
Robert A. Rhodes, Chapter 11Robert A. Rhodes filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 30, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-21124 in the Pennsylvania Eastern Bankruptcy Court. O'Kelly Ernst & Bielli, LLC is representing the company. Arete Healthcare Service, LLC, Business Interiors & Supplies, Comcast, Kimberly Reed & H. Clifton Reed, McKesson Medical Surgical, Roberts Oxygen Co., Inc., Smart Practice, Stan Markizon Printing and Stericycle are listed as the unsecured creditors.
Capital Group Holdings, Inc. files for Chapter 11Capital Group Holdings, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 30, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-21981 in the Arizona Bankruptcy Court. Thomas E. Littler is representing the company.
Extreme weather reduces productivityClimate change is not only making an impact on the weather conditions but findings reveal that people are also affected by this change. The extreme hot summers can reduce the productivity of humans which in turn can potentially factor in on the economic front.
Benefit of LinkedIn for executivesFacebook and Twitter are not crucial for hiring but LinkedIn is a must according to one opinion! The edge that this site has over the other two equally popular sites is that if a company has plans of expanding overseas than recruiting personnel from a distance is not an insurmountable issue. Data for potential employees is easily accessible and the selection process can be carried out with convenience.
Disney characters and the realityWhile meeting Snow White and other Disney characters is a dream of all young girls, the story behind the scenes for the people portraying these roles is not the glamour the public sees. The auditions themselves take a few lengthy days and the potential candidates trying out number into the hundreds. The annual increments are not exceptionally high and personal experiences with visitors can range from happy to unhappy memories. The word "no" is prohibited and spontaneity is required for interaction with the guests.
Mobile banking has the edgeBanks are competing to be equipped with the latest technology for mobile banking, giving them the edge for maximum number of customers. If banks stay in the lead with their technological advances than their chances of advancing in the market are high, otherwise there is all likelihood of falling behind due to the constant inflow of high-tech innovations.
Gold price collapseThe collapse of the gold price indicates that the economy is recovering. The public is no longer worrying that the market will crash. Strong economies are showing trends of improvement like the U.S. and Europe, China also is signaling towards robust growth.
Twitter shares dwindleThe social network site Twitter is facing a dip in its market shares. The best stock price of $74.73 in the previous week has dropped almost 18%. No specific reason has been given for this decline; however Facebook and LinkedIn shares have also depreciated slightly.
Misleading work adsOne CEO has suggested that job advertisements are misleading by emphasizing competence and understanding skills for a potential candidate. Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group has suggested it's better to highlight the possible growth a job can provide for a possible employee. He further suggests that candidates should be attracted towards a job rather than shunned away.
Spain arrests bank fraudstersEight people have been arrested in Spain for embezzling millions of dollars globally. The cash had been stolen through ATM machines and hacking confidential credit card information. This is one of the most successful crackdowns internationally, it has also been disclosed that one individual arrested in Germany is the mastermind behind this entire fraud.
Leading food chain takes down websiteMcDonalds has taken down its website due to undesirable publicity being relayed about it. A&nbsp; McDonald's representative has stated that the feedback on the site has not been productive for the chain's workers. An alternative to the site is a hotline that will provide all necessary information.
600 people disrupt in Florida on ChristmasA policeman was compelled to use pepper spray to disperse a crowd of people attempting to enter a Florida theatre without tickets. The officer also had to resort to calling for back-up assistance. After the officer's intervention about 600 people are reported to have erupted into disorderly behavior in the parking lot.
Law libraries on steep declineLaw libraries are predicted to be on a steep decline according to law educator James G. Milles. With the current advancements in technology most personnel are opting to do their study electronically. The areas where money can be earned will be prioritized whereas those with unattractive monetary gains will be deprioritized.
Rewarded for speedingInspired by the Christmas spirit, Florida police officers were handing out lottery tickets when they pulled over irresponsible drivers. The distributed tickets were bought by the officers' personal money and it was an effort to extend the holiday delight.
Mikhail Khodorkovsky seeks to help other protestersMikhail Khodorkovsky has stated upon his release from prison that his goal is to assist in the release of other political detainees. He has no interest in coming into power or forming any opposition force. He has called on the West to help him in his mission.
Christmas rush and bad weather cause shipping delaysChristmas has passed and some gifts remain unopened, courtesy to shipping delays. Fed Ex and UPS have blamed the bad weather conditions and the Christmas rush for the inconvenience. Several affected customers have vented through social media sites telling of their personal experiences.
Santa robs bankOne Santa entered a bank with a packet and gave it to a bank employee. The packet however was not a gift, "Santa" warned while giving the package that it was dangerous, whereupon he told the employee to give him cash. With the given cash he fled the crime scene in an automobile.
Signature on patient's liverAn experienced British surgeon is being accused of signing his initials "SB" on a patient's liver. There is speculation that numerous other patients may be similarly affected. Simon Bramhall has years of experience in liver transplantation and has written much about his area of expertise.
Frankincense and myrrh not able to serve purposeA 19-year-old was arrested by the police for over speeding. When Alain Cassagnol got out of his car, the cops smelt drugs and upon questioning the accused if he was in possession of any illegal possession, they received an affirmative reply and found marijuana. A frankincense and myrrh fragrance spray was also in the car for the purpose of concealing the marijuana odor.
Christmas gifts stolenAs a family was returning home from a church service in broad daylight, they saw their front door broken into. Not only were the gifts stolen but also private banking data. The victimized family has sent their kids to a more secure place and will shift their house shortly due to the prevailing insecurity after the incident.
Syria's reliance in midst of sanctionsWith a continuing civil war for the past two and a half years in Syria, Iran has proven to be a key ally in the midst of sanctions imposed on the war torn country. Iran however itself is the target of punitive measures due to its nuclear program. Recent information is revealing that Syria is not dependent only on Iran for its oil supply but imports are being supplied from Iraq on Iranian ships with the assistance of other neighboring countries.
Hiring decision ought to be delayedIt is recommended that when selecting someone for employment, immediate selection should be refrained from; at least 30 minutes should pass before reaching a decision. Objectivity is the key, no tilting towards possible favorites if a suitable selection is to be made. Also remember that people can be nervous in an interview situation, yet potentially they may be your ideal candidate so give them the edge in that regard.
Tim C. Thomas, Inc. files for Chapter 11Tim C. Thomas, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 23, 2013. The case was filed under case no. 13-bk-42350 in the Georgia Southern Bankruptcy Court. James L. Drake, Jr. is representing the company.
United Properties, LLC files for Chapter 11United Properties, LLC filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 23, 2013. The case was filed under case no. 13-bk-07926 in the North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Oliver Friesen Cheek, PLLC is representing the company. A & Co. Management, Anthony & Co., Commerical Bldg Services, David T. Pryzwansky, Durham County Tax Office, Internal Revenue Service, Internal Revenue Service, James I. Anthony, Jr., Jason L. Hendren, Motor & Equip Manufacturers and Mustard Tree Instruments, LLC are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Ireland's young workforce immigratingIreland is no longer dependent on bailouts and Irish leaders are stating that the employment rate is decreasing. However some see matters from a different perspective. Sharon O'Flaherty, targeted by a job cut and no suitable alternative had to pursue an immigration option which landed her in Perth. The decreased unemployment rate actually has a large part to do with the young workforce leaving the country and opting for more suitable options elsewhere.
Unemployment benefits withdrawnBefore the year ends unemployment assistance will expire and Congress is refusing to renew this aid package affecting some 1.3 million out of work. Democrat Senators are hoping to restore this assistance at the start of next year, however if their efforts are unsuccessful than many people will be affected. In 2008 Congress broadened the existing unemployment benefits originating from 1935; this expansion is the matter at stake.
Bananas rot in midst of legal battleA dispute between Del Monte Fresh Produce and a shipping company has caused 3,500,000 bananas to perish. Del Monte is claiming that the exported fruit was stored at an incorrect temperature, causing this loss. Del Monte has claimed damages of $1.5 million; the presiding judge has ordered that the bananas should not be shifted until a decision is reached.
Illegal to wash car in drivewaySome laws are unknown until you end up breaking them, unintentionally of course. A man in Garden City, N.Y. was almost arrested when his neighbor reported to the authorities that he was washing his car in his personal driveway. The police spared the violation this time but told the offender to take precaution for the future.
Woman in prison nearly 400 timesA 52 year old woman was arrested shortly after her release, although she had stated that she would remain sober after being arrested almost 400 times. Shermain Miles has been accused of public drinking, getting into a brawl with a male acquaintance and stealing keys from an elderly man. Miles admits to being a monster but puts the blame on her liquor intake.
Hard Rock negotiating purchase dealAtlantic City's Revel Casino which earlier declared insolvency, will potentially be bought by Hard Rock International. Other buyers have also shown their interest in the troubled company, but Hard Rock's negotiations are reportedly the closest to a deal materializing. Earlier Hard Rock had dropped plans of investing in Atlantic City indicating unattractive business surroundings.
Pope urges humblenessThe Pope urged Christians to be humble and those who showed no humility he called pagans. The Pope said that Christians need to follow Christ's example of being considerate towards those in need. He further stated that those who do not want to follow such a life style need to reconsider their interaction with the poor.
Hospital files for Chapter 11Saint Francis Hospital and Health Centers has filed for Chapter 11 protection. The hospital staff is aiming to give the patients the required care during the bankruptcy proceedings. Health Quest has purchased the hospital's assets and will operate under Vassar Brothers Medical Center.
Dolphin Bay Developers, Inc., files for Chapter 11Dolphin Bay Developers, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 19, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-40027 in the Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court. Philip J Landau is representing the company. Atlantic Avenue Chiropractic, Bags By Eileen, Bank United, David Ross, First American Multi Services, Fit to the Core Pilates, Garden of Vegan and Glisten Salon are some of the unsecured creditors.
Frego & Associates - The Bankruptcy Law Office, PL files for Chapter 11Frego & Associates - The Bankruptcy Law Office, PL filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 19, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-13471 in the Louisiana Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Gold, Lange & Majoros, PC is representing the company. AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Michigan, Boyle Burdett, PC, Canon Financial Services, Inc., CIN Legal Data Services and Colonial Life are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
HJK Hospitality, Inc., Chapter 11HJK Hospitality, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 19, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-60141 in the Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court. Joyce W. Lindauer, Attorney at Law is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Brown County Tax Assessor-Collector, Internal Revenue Service, Office of the Attorney General, Small Business Administration, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Texas Workforce Commission, US Attny. General and Zion First National Bank.
Two pharmaceutical giants finedJohnson and Novartis have been fined large amounts by the European Commission. Both pharmaceutical companies are being accused of breaking the competition law. The sick in Holland were not able to purchase cheaper medication due to an underhand deal in which allegedly the accused companies procrastinated the supply of less expensive medication.
Glock with its new ventures2014 will hopefully have something new in the market from Glock firearm manufacturers. Glock has a variety of purchasers ranging from the law enforcement agencies to the avid fans of the semi-automatic pistols. Although some people are critical of the quality of these weapons, Glock has certainly been able to maintain its hold in the market and has become one of the most popular if not the most popular brand of its kind in the U.S.
American Made Tires Inc., files for Chapter 11American Made Tires Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 18, 2013. The case was registered under case no. 13-bk-47510 in the New York Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Peter Mammis is representing the company. 1717 Realty Corp., Corning Federal Credit Union, David Bier, Esq, Grand Central Recovery, NYSEG, Rule Transfer Inc., REDEC and SREDEC are listed as the unsecured creditors.
McEwen.65, LLC, Chapter 11McEwen.65, LLC filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 18, 2013. The case was filed under case no. 13-bk-10706 in the Tennessee Middle Bankruptcy Court. Harwell Howard Hyne Gabbert & Manner PC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Internal Revenue Service, KRK LLC, Liberty Dollar Financial Services Inc., McEwen 65 LLC, Terence Kilpatrick Esq.
Lawyer without office suspendedAccording to the Delaware Supreme Court, lawyers must have a separate office, in the absence of which punitive measures can be taken. This is what one lawyer is guilty of along with other offenses. Fred Barakat's office space is not bona fide as is the legal requirement and therefore a two year suspension order has been issued.
Days of Future Past

Could a massive disaster one day destroy the surface of the Earth to the point that no evidence is left of our existence?  As a thought experiment, consider that if the answer to this question is "yes," then how do we know that a past civilization- or civilizations- of which there is no trace- did not once exist. And if this is the case, how do know that such civilization(s) was/were human?

The capital takes the leadStatistics of 2012 reveal that Connecticut was the leading state for the highest wages; however the nation's capital was ahead 25 percent of the top notch holder. Individual income is not just confined to one's pay but also includes factors like health. The survey findings also reveal that the perks of D.C.&nbsp; workers were by far the highest than the U.S. average.
Snowden looking for alternative to RussiaSnowden is seeking asylum in Brazil and in return is offering his support to probe NSA espionage in the asylum sought nation. Even if Brazil grants permission, there are some documentation issues Snowden will have to overcome. His American passport has been cancelled and he is not allowed to leave Russia, unless the Russian government grants him permission. Brazil has at this point of time not responded to the appeal.
Attorney gets arrested on purposeA lawyer aimed to get arrested on purpose in order to gain an inside look at the prevailing justice system. In spite of clearly breaching the law, the attorney had many unsuccessful attempts of pursing his goal of getting booked. Perhaps the color of his skin and his apparel prevented the authorities from taking legal action. The lawyer did finally get arrested and was able to get the personal exposure he sought
Saint Francis Hospital Preschool Program Chapter 11Saint Francis Hospital Preschool Program, a hospital-based special needs program for children ages 18 months to 5 years filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 17, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-37728 in the New York Southern Bankruptcy Court. Saint Francis Hospital brings together women and men dedicated to the healthcare needs of the people of their region. They personify the Catholic tradition of respect for life and the dignity and worth of each individual. Nixon Peabody LLP is representing the institution.
Susie Corporation files for Chapter 11Susie Corporation filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 17, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-60949 in the Texas Eastern Bankruptcy Court. McCathern, PLLC is representing the company. A-1 Textiles, Carbon Golden Malted, Centerpoint Energy, City of Henderson, CRS, Direct TV, Dixie Paper Company and Edward Septic & Grease Trap are some of the unsecured creditors.
Canadian CEOs high tax rateA recent study reveals that Canadian CEOs are drawing handsome salaries; however the taxes they are paying are equally hefty. In 2010, 60 CEOs paid in taxes the equivalent of the average salary of Canadian employees - approximately $46,000 a year, according to the study. The study further reveals that the mentioned CEOs in spite of the large amounts they were earning, still were paying much heavier taxes due to the increased tax rate of their high incomes.
Strasburg Commercial Development Company, LLC files for Chapter 11Strasburg Commercial Development Company, LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 16, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-15572 in the Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Cohen Baldinger & Greenfeld, LLC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Bryan & Coleman, P.C., FirstBank, LT1, LLC, Martin Turk, Pennoni Associates, Inc., R.J. Turner, Shenandoah County Treasurer and Turner Enterprises, LLC.
Bt12, LLC files for Chapter 11BT12, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 16, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-07752 in the North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court. J.M. Cook is representing the company. Bankruptcy Administrator, Colliers International, Internal Revenue Service, Micahel P. Hugo, Myong S. Kim, N.C. Dept. of Commerce, NC Dept of Revenue, PNC Bank, Secretary of the Treasury and Securities & Exchange Commission are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Zimmerman's lawyer in possible troubleZimmerman is not the only one in the spotlight for legal woes; in fact his lawyer from the Trayvon Martin case may have some legal worries himself. Mark O'Mara has distanced himself from his former client and has publicly stated that he has not been paid his dues from the case. However an investigation is being carried out about how the defense attorney dealt with the case.
Retailers giving into bargainingRetailers are giving increased discretionary powers to storekeepers to deal with customers as they bargain purchasing rates. Amongst several reasons for this allowance, one threat retailers are facing is the comparison of prices online. Experts suggest that all that is required from a consumer is a courteous request for a rate reduction and the likelihood of being offered a discount ticket is very high.
Natural resources, the down sideStates in he West like Montana and Colorado are thriving with the recent oil and gas business development; new jobs with higher wages are some of the attractions for the local people. However the picture is not entirely rosy, some downside factors have cropped up. For instance congestion in schools has increased, heavy traffic vehicles are on the rise and lawlessness is also swelling. 
The Australian airliner looks for external helpThe Australian premier has shown his agreement to allow external financing for the Australian airliner, Qantas.  An agreement signed in 1992 limits foreign buying, preventing fair competition from its challenger Virgin, which receives a healthy dose of foreign investment from multiple sources. Qantas is considering job cuts and other stringent measures to counter its current situation.
Ex-girlfriend seeks revengeUpon being forced to leave her ex-boyfriend's house, Amanda Pollard was seeking vengeance. On entering the house the following day, with Joshua Brewster's permission Pollard set up multiple traps such as putting animal toxin in Brewster's edibles. She also threatened to put his house on flames with him inside. The 28-year-old&nbsp; has been arrested and has her next hearing after Christmas. <br>
Costly health insurance no assistance for long lifeRecent statistics reveal that out of nearly 30 industrialized countries, America ranks towards the bottom for its ability or lack of it to reduce the mortality rate, with specific regard to females, in spite of the high cost of medical care. Germany met with the most success, documenting an extended life span with additional dollars spent. One of the factors contributing to this lapse in the U.S. is that the stress is on cure for chronic illnesses whereas extensive focus in other countries is on protective measures.
Christmas and social mediaIKEA is making efforts to provide company for those longing for it over Christmas. An online form is allowing people to join others, either as a guest or as a host. The online profile has many similarities to other social media sites regarding what information individuals share about themselves, through which IKEA attempts to make suitable matches. There is no verification of details so the likelihood of false information exists.
Megyn Kelly in the spotlightMegyn Kelly has many fingers pointing towards her, after she made the comment that both Jesus and Santa are white. Santa is traced back to St. Nicholas, who could possibly be white considering he belonged to modern day Turkey, although there is still disagreement as to how white He was. However there is more speculation about the color of Jesus, considering he belonged to the Middle East region; many people guess He was more of brownish color taking into consideration the skin color of the people living within the territory mentioned.
America, a RINORich in name only, a RINO - that's what America has allegedly become. Statistics show that the U.S. is lagging in comparison to other countries, like things in the infrastructure are crumbling and the life expectancy of numerous other countries is better than the existing sole super power. Americans are taking a lead in certain aspects, yet in other aspects&nbsp; it is not in the lead.
Jordan Graham admits responsibility to death of husbandJordan Graham has accepted responsibility to the death of her husband of 12 days. The victim was pushed of a cliff by his angered wife who has admitted to acting recklessly. Initially Graham hid the truth and fabricated different stories, which led to her guilt unfolding. She is being charged with second degree murder and will be sentenced next spring.
RISA Management Corp., Chapter 11RISA Management Corp. has filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 12, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-76206 in the New York Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Scott R Schneider is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are 651 Fair Commuications, A.W. Meyer Co Inc., A.W. Meyer Co Inc., Advanced Reprographic Sol, Airweld Inc., American Express, Ametco Manufacturing Corp., Anastos Engineering Assoc. and Aresco, Inc.
Steel City, LLC files for Chapter 11Steel City, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 12, 2013. The case was filed under case no. 13-bk-47562 in the Illinois Northern Bankruptcy Court. John S. Biallas, Attorney At Law is representing the company. Dasco Investment Corp., Kevin Rogers, Attorney At Law, Michael Schwartz, Ms. Caren A. Lederer, People's Bank for Arlington Heights and Richard Thomas are listed as the unsecured creditors.
Charities’ spendingCertain anti-poverty advocates are allegedly receiving huge sums in the form of pay checks, raising objections by the public, as to why money being raised for good causes is to a large extent landing up in the pockets of those who are claiming to alleviate the misery of the poor. For those who would truly like to reach out to the deserving, the suggestion is not to blindly give donations but perhaps to either do volunteer work or otherwise to research the track record of the charity they desire to make a contribution to.
Second most expensive home purchasedRaymond Li has purchased the second most expensive home in the Victoria Peak area of Hong Kong. For this purchase the Chinese lawyer has made a payment of $95 million for a residence he will occupy. Mr. Li has represented some high profile cases.
Student expires after riteChen "Michael" Deng after being brought to a hospital in critical condition passed away the following day. Police are investigating the occurrence of where members of a fraternity assembled and after the performance of a rite, the 19 year-old received injuries. Deng was professionally treated but died shortly after. The details are unknown and are being looked into by the Pennsylvania police.
Nuview Molecular Pharmaceuticals, Inc. files for Chapter 11Nuview Molecular Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a medical imaging and diagnostic company committed to addressing urgent and unmet medical needs filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 11, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-33812 in the Utah Bankruptcy Court. Labertew & Associates, LLC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are ADT, ASG Security, AT&T, Denton County Property Taxes, Denton County Tax Assessor, Denton Municipal Utilities, Denton Solid Waste Collections, Discount Waste Systems, Interstate Restoration, Inc. and Isotope Solutions.
Good Enterprises, Ltd., Chapter 11Good Enterprises, Ltd. filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 10, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-20684 in the Pennsylvania Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Blakinger, Byler & Thomas , P.C. is representing the company. Adventure Publications, Alfred Neufeld, Alisa Bair, Alisa Bair, Allan Macrae, Alta's Heirlooms, American Diabetes Association, American Library Association, American Quilter's Society, Architec and Arkeay Design Print are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
The American Dream not for allThe American Dream implies that even those who do not earn a good sum can still climb the status ladder if they show commitment and dedication at work. However statistics tell another story -in America it is more difficult to change the status you were born into in comparison to other developed countries like Japan and some European nations.&nbsp; In countries where these is an increased status difference, then the chances of remaining in the same rank are more likely as the rich can cater to their kids' futures by providing more required exposure - something out of reach for the underprivileged.
Harvard Law School and womenHarvard Law School is surprisingly not the most welcoming place for women according to the feedback of certain female students at the Ivy League. In spite of having excellent academic achievements prior to joining the renowned institution, women have expressed their reservations about being underestimated in the predominately male school. Female students have also voiced concerns about losing their confidence level and academic performance dropping.
Satanists avail opportunityA Ten Commandments monument erected in Oklahoma is driving opponents to demand its removal, while Satanists see this as an appropriate opportunity to place a monument of their choice next to the revered Ten Commandments. A Satanists spokesperson gave assurance that the design they would choose would be acceptable to the community. However much controversy is already unfolding as to which religious groups can be permitted to publicly display their sacred monuments, as permission for one faith leaves little room for rejecting another faith.
STAR Dynamics Corporation, Chapter 11STAR Dynamics Corporation filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 10, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-59657 in the Ohio Southern Bankruptcy Court. Allen Kuehnle Stovall & Neuman LLP is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are 30ACPA, Access I/O Products, Inc., Acopian Technical, Acromag, Inc., Actions Et Services, Adnaco Technology Inc., Advanced Solutions, Advanced Technical Materials, AeroFlex Plainview, Inc. and Aeroflex Weinschel Inc.
MJC America, Ltd. files for Chapter 11MJC America, Ltd. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 10, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-39097 in the California Central Bankruptcy Court. David A Tilem of Law Offices of David A Tilem is representing the company. ABF Freight System, Inc., Ally Financial, American Express, Amerigas-Gardena, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate, Board Of Equalization, Capital Premium Financing, Charley Loh and Chep USA are listed as some of the unsecured creditors.
Top health care out of reachObamacare is limited to the hospitals it offers insurers. The leading health care facilities are not included in the list of choices for consumers when selecting a hospital. Many are speculating that there is a compromise on quality, while a defense stance is that price should not be considering a measuring rod for efficiency.
Bay Area Financial Corporation files for Chapter 11Bay Area Financial Corporation has filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Dec 9, 2013. The case was filed under case no. 13-bk-38974 in the California Central Bankruptcy Court. Sandford Frey is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Alfred or Winifred Wilkes, Allen Brodetsky Trustee, Amber Ireland, Angel and Grace V Gonzalez TTEE, Ann Hagihara Miks, Anthony A and Helen J Demetriou TTE, Arlette R Hobbs, Arthur and Grace Beavens TTEES and Arthur DeFever Trustee.
BlackCat Trading Company LLC, Chapter 11BlackCat Trading Company LLC filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 9, 2013. The case was registered under case case no. 13-bk-45594 in the Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court. Crain Cubbage Healy & Wilson, pllc is representing the company. BNSF Railway Company, C.H Robinson International Inc., Completion Industrial Minerals LLC, Epstein Becker & Green PC, Fila Energy Services, GeoMetrix USA Inc., GuiZhou ChengQian, Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP and Wigington & Dankesreitter LLP are listed as the unsecured creditors.
Mobile phones cause stress?According to a recent study, results reveal that mobile phones are a cause of stress in contrast to a prior study which indicated that this popular technology was a socializing venue. In the current study researchers had access to students' academic records and also carried out clinical tests in evaluating stress levels. Researcher Andrew Lepp is of the opinion that individuals require reflection time as a means of relaxation and the current trends prevent them from such recommendations.
Biggest pay gapsAs workers have been protesting their low wages and in turn demanding an increase in their hourly rates in fast food chains, startling gaps between the employees' pays of these chains are being revealed. The CEOs of McDonalds and Starbucks are drawing around $9,200 hourly. This difference is a 1000 times more than the wages of those protesting.
Wells Fargo, Citigroup accused of unfairnessThe Los Angeles city lawyer has taken legal action against two high profile banks, claiming that Wells Fargo and Citigroup have not been fair in their mortgage dealings. This alleged favoritism has caused foreclosures among those who are not in the majority, according to the city attorney. Additionally, the attorney expressed concern that the city has had to bear the toll of this unfair lending, having to bear additional expenses; both banks have denied the accusations.
Customers upset about gym closureCustomers are demanding a refund of their payments after the gym they were members of has been forced to shut down on the orders of a bankruptcy court. One customer complained that just after renewing his annual subscription, he heard the news about the closure. The chances of the facility reopening are undecided,  at present there are a large number of creditors.
Small city, small state - yet ideal standardsThe people of Central Falls in Rhode Island are serving an appropriate example for those who are short of funds and yet aspire clean surroundings. Following financially hard times, the public of the smallest state has contributed towards the purchase of dustbins in order to enhance the beauty of their Jenks Park. Consider this voluntary tax and a model to follow.
Lawyer accused of causing frenzyA lawyer has been accused of causing commotion in a court house when he declared that there was a bomb threat, although on investigation there was no such danger. Gregory Moore's attorney has stated that his client will defend his innocence. Moore himself is a divorce lawyer.&nbsp;
Mandela passes away at 95Nelson Mandela passed away Tursday, December 05, 2013. The former South African President fought for the rights of his countrymen, serving a 27 year sentence in prison which resulted in his anti-apartheid movement receiving worldwide attention. Later, he took oath as the first black president of his county.
Senator Chuck Shumer's unexpected accommodationThe lavish living space of Senator Shumer, well rather the contrary! The $750 rent for the accommodation the Senator occupies is similar to a college student's abode. There is the absence of a bed and the mattress that the gentleman sleeps on is never made, a couch serves the purpose of a cupboard, and a list of other things ... the response from his wife: she won't stay there when she's visiting.
Wind changes plane's landingAn international airliner had to opt for landing at another national airport when the winds prevented it from landing at Birmingham. Crosswind landing is one of the most challenging parts of flying. In such circumstances an aircraft can completely change direction - much&nbsp; is required on the pilot's behalf to manage a safe arrival for all on board.
Vivatar, Inc. files for Chapter 11Vivatar, Inc. located in Holland, Michigan filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 5, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-09258 in the Michigan Western Bankruptcy Court. Wardrop & Wardrop, P.C. is representing the company.  2K Tool, LLC, 40th Street '06 Associates LLC, A D Bos Vending Services, A&K Finishing Inc., ACT Test Panels LLC, Adell Plastics, Inc., Advantage Industries, Inc., Aerotek, Inc., AFLAC and Alberto Moreno are some of the unsecured creditors.
Tampa Warehouse, LLC, Chapter 11Tampa Warehouse, LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 5, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-32547 in the North Carolina Western Bankruptcy Court. Tomblin, Farmer & Morris, PLLC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are AB Certified Water Treatment LLC, City of Tampa, Davis Supply, Inc., Domogawa Roofing Inc., DPI Mid Atlantic, Inc., Florida Department of Revenue, Fred D. Godley, G.A.S. Fire Protection, Inc., Hillsborough Co. EPC and Hillsborough County Tax Collector.
Fairfax Homes, Inc., Chapter 11Fairfax Homes, Inc. filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 4, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-00744 in the District Of Columbia Bankruptcy Court. Marc Harvey Sliffman is representing the company. DC Treasurer, Deborah Jones Miller, Edgewood Condominum Unit Owner, Mahjabeen HIrji, Michael D. Frasier, Mohamedreza Damani, Siddika Naqvi and Suntrust Bank are some of the unsecured creditors.
Berkley Club, LLC files for Chapter 11Berkley Club, LLC filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 4, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-07526 in the North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Oliver Friesen Cheek, PLLC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Battle Winslow Scott & Wiley, Dare to Hyde, LLC, Emerald Portfolio Alpha, LLC, George E. Goodrich, Hyde Co. Tax Dept., Internal Revenue Service, Leslie Lane Mize, Michael Nolan, NC Dept of Commerce and NC Dept of Revenue.
Man booked for carrying mintsThe NYPD arrested a man on charges of having MDMA. The accused insisted on being innocent and that the "forbidden" possession was not ecstasy but his breath mints. However the plea was to no avail as the chief police had been trained in tracing ecstasy and was certain that Hankin's candy was the banned drug.
North America Power Partners LLC, Chapter 11North America Power Partners LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection on Dec. 3, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-36430 in the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court. Webber McGill, LLC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Addicks Engineering, Alcom Printing, American Express, American Security Products, Amerihealth, ASC Profiles and Ashland Inc.
Christian Life Center, Inc. files for Chapter 11Christian Life Center, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 2, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-37415 in the Texas Southern Bankruptcy Court. Tow & Koenig, PLLC is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are Advanced Business Copiers, Bank of America, Chernosky, Smith, Ressling & Smith PLLC, Comerica Commercial Lending Services, De Lage Landen Financial Services, FEMA Region VI and Foundation Capital Resources.
Hardwick Clothes, Inc., Chapter 11Hardwick Clothes, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 on Dec. 2, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-16079 in the Tennessee Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Chambliss, Bahner and Stophel is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are American Express, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Box 1, Burlington, International Textile Group, Chattanooga Gas Company, Cleveland Utilities, HMS Internations Fabrics Corp. and Interpad.
SAAB makes re-entryInsolvency and out of the spotlight are not hopeful indicationsof a comeback, but that's exactly what SAAB, the Swedish carmaker is doing. The new owners are hoping to put out an electric run car in the upcoming year and the prime consumer market will be China, although the cars will be manufactured in Sweden. The production will be based on the market demand.
Replacing NokiaWhen Microsoft struck a deal with Nokia, many in Finland took the matter personally, considering Nokia was a worldwide known brand, bringing in much honor to the people of Finland. However all is not dull and gloomy for the Finns with the departure of Nokia ... Jolla is showing signs of being a possible replacement, the manufacturers are prior Nokia engineers who have aspirations to go big and give the market giants a run for their money.
It's a reality - cars without driversVolvo is looking for a comeback and the path they're choosing to swing back into the market is by introducing cars without drivers. The claims are that driverless cars are at much less risk of human errors. With the latest technology, the car will be equipped with all the current gadgets to enable it to perform to its maximum safety capacity.
Red Apple Properties, LLC, Chapter 11Red Apple Properties, LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on Dec.1, 2013. The case was registered under case no. 13-bk-07417 in the North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court. Stephen G Inman is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are BB&T, Cape Fear Farm Credit, First Bank, First Capital Bank, Freda Porter, Greg Bryant, Harold Locklear, Angela Oxendine and Internal Revenue Service.
Making Family Ownership Work: Motivations Matter Webinar

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Santorini Y Not, Inc., files for Chapter 11Santorini Y Not, Inc., filed for Chapter protection on Nov. 27, 2013. The case was filed as case no. 13-bk-45746 in the Minnesota Bankruptcy Court. Steven Nosek is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are 1300 Technology Drive, LLC, Accent Lighting, Inc., Aire Master, Alpine Diversified Svcs Inc., American Restaurant Supply, Anthony A. Nicklow, Aramark Uniform Services and Bellboy Corporation.
H.E.P. Direct, Inc., Chapter 11H.E.P. Direct, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Nov. 27, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-51485 in the North Carolina Middle Bankruptcy Court. Vicki L. Parrott is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are A T & T, Airgas National Welders, American Express, Archdale Office Supply, Atmos Energy, Bank of North Carolina, BB&T Insurance Service, Inc. and Black Rock Realty Advisors.
Chinese millionaires migratingThe affluent in China are looking beyond the borders of China, leaving in search of a more prosperous future for their families.  As there are restrictions within China about how much cash can be taken abroad many of the transactions are not transparent, yet it is being reported that billions of dollars of property are being purchased by these wealthy immigrants. The extravagance is not limited to the essentials of their abodes but large sums are also being spent on leisurely items like rare art collections.
Casey Anthony and Texas EquuSearch reach agreementTexas EquuSearch has agreed to settle their legal dispute with Casey Anthony. EquuSearch disputed that Anthony caused their search team to search extensively for her daughter, even though she knew Caylee was dead. Much time, effort and expenses went into a futile search, whereas these efforts could have been channelized for deserving families. Whether Texas EquuSearch will ever receive the amount they have agreed to with Anthony is highly questionable, considering her current financial condition.
Zimmerman in possession of multiple gunsZimmerman was arrested mid-November on the complaint of his girlfriend, accusing him of domestic violence. Court records are now revealing that five guns were recovered from the accused. Zimmerman has been released on bail and has pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault.
Harrisburg Prospect Lease Fund, LLC, Chapter 11Harrisburg Prospect Lease Fund, LLC filed for Chapter 11 voluntary protection on Nov. 27, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-15263 in the Oklahoma Western Bankruptcy Court. McAfee & Taft is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are listed as 3CG LLC, Adam Lobert (IRA), Alan Breuker, Ana I Anderson Imber, Arch L Ferguson Foundation, Arthur Rezac, Bernard E Ryan, Bobby & Charlotte Rogers and Brad Hoover.
Trigeant, Ltd. files for Chapter 11Trigeant, Ltd. filed for Chapter 11 protection on Nov. 27, 2013.  The case was filed under case no. 13-bk-38580 in the Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court. Paul Steven Singerman, Esq is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are 1001 McKinney Venture, L.P., 3d Marine USA, Inc., A & C Fire Equipment Co. Inc., A & W Office Supply, A&B Communications, A&R Septic Tank Service, A&T Consultants Ltd., A. G. Hill Power, Aashto Materials Reference Library and Ac2, Inc.
Harrisburg Prospect Lease Fund, LLC, Chapter 11Harrisburg Prospect Lease Fund, LLC filed for Chapter 11 voluntary protection on Nov. 27, 2013. The case was registered as case no. 13-bk-15263 in the Oklahoma Western Bankruptcy Court. McAfee & Taft is representing the company. Some of the unsecured creditors are listed as 3CG LLC, Adam Lobert (IRA), Alan Breuker, Ana I Anderson Imber, Arch L Ferguson Foundation, Arthur Rezac, Bernard E Ryan, Bobby & Charlotte Rogers and Brad Hoover.
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