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Missouri’s Commercial Financing Disclosure Act: A Benefit to Court-Appointed Cannabis Receivers By Alexander Porter • July 8, 2024
Another State Eases Access to Banking Services Pending a Federal Solution On July 6, 2023, Missouri Governor Michael L. Parson signed into law Senate Bill 187 (S.B. 187), also known as the Commercial Financing Disclosure Act. This legislation continues the…
Cannabis Receiverships: A Creative Solution for Bankruptcy Protection By Eric Moraczewski • June 17, 2024
A Match Made in Heaven? At first blush, cannabis and a legal practice like receivership might seem an unlikely match. Medical and recreational cannabis has steadily grown in acceptance and legalization over the past decade in the United States. However,…
The Independent Director’s Role in Optimizing Corporate Workouts and Bankruptcy Outcomes By Elizabeth Vandesteeg and Tricia Schwallier • June 10, 2024
Special committees made up of independent directors can guide a company through the bankruptcy process without accusations of bias.
90 Second Lessons: Virgin Lender, Virgin Land: When the Collateral is Dirt By The DailyDAC Editors • June 3, 2024
Advice for hard money lenders that have never loaned on raw land before. What special risks does raw land collateral pose to a lender?
Opening the Kimono: Operational and Financial Reporting Obligations at the Outset of a Chapter 11 Case By Gary W. Marsh and David E. Gordon • May 20, 2024
The Chapter 11 debtor is subject to reporting obligations which provide parties with financial and business information about the debtor.
90 Second Lesson: Deciphering California Receiverships By The DailyDAC Editors • April 30, 2024
To understand California receiverships, it is best to look at the California Code of Civil Procedure to understand receiver appointment and powers.
The Fisker Case: My Credit Bid Capped at the Amount I Paid for the Debt? By Jonathan T. Brand • April 15, 2024
Secured creditors and buyers of distressed assets don’t have to worry about courts limiting their credit bids, but one Delaware case is cause for concern.
90 Second Lesson: Are Secured Creditors Better Off With a Federal Court Receivership or Bankruptcy? By The DailyDAC Editors • April 8, 2024
What benefits creditors more? When considering federal court receivership vs. bankruptcy, bankruptcy is often more predictable, but costly.
Bankruptcy Considerations in a Collections Action By Allyson V. Cofran • April 2, 2024
Creditors looking to pursue a collections action should understand how Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy processes can affect efforts to collect.
90 Second Lesson: I’ve Been Asked to Sign an Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition. Should I? By The DailyDAC Editors • March 25, 2024
Filing an involuntary bankruptcy petition is a powerful collection tool, but an involuntary petition can also come with fees and liability.