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DailyDAC - Deal Acquisition Central - provides subscribers with access to databases containing information about private companies that are for sale, selling select assets, looking for an equity partner, and/or seeking debt financing. DailyDAC's Opportunistic Deal Database focuses on deals involving companies in financial distress or that have other reasons necessitating urgency. DailyDAC's Mature Deal Database focuses on companies with positive EBITDA and which our staff believe will be of particular interest to the private equity community.



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DailyDAC's Accredited Investor Markets has the singular vision of providing unbiased, reliable education for accredited investors. If your net worth is more than $1 million or if you regularly make more than $200,000 per year, you are likely an accredited investor and you are in the small minority of people permitted to invest in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and certain tangible assets via private placements.

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Proposed Law Would Let Accredited Investors Bypass Equity Crowdfunding Portals in Title III Offerings Proposed legislation in the U.S. Congress would revise the Title III equity crowdfunding landscape by roping off a restricted, sky-box-like section just for accredited investors. Some securities professionals expect Congress to enact this legislation by summer 2015.  Read more here.
Op Ed: The Monkey Says… Electricity Microgrids The underdeveloped parts of the world constitute huge potential markets. Many companies are going to make a lot of money there in the coming years. And many of those profitable products will have something to do with bringing power to … Continue reading
Talia Goldfarb Got the Last Jab in the Shark Tank Talia Goldfarb appeared on Shark Tank on October 31, 2014 and walked away with a partner by the name of Daymond John. According to the former social worker, it’s the perfect partnership. Goldfarb had been in business for 10 years … Continue reading
Showdown in Spokane In an article at CommercialBankruptcyLitigation.com, Adam Stein-Sapir explores the impact a bankruptcy filing can have on a creditor’s efforts to resolve debts owed post-state court litigation, and how a bankruptcy filing can frustrate those efforts. Read more about this interesting … Continue reading
90 Second Lesson: What is an Exchange Offer? The Editorial Staff at CommercialBankruptcyAlternatives.com provides a quick overview of what an Exchange Offer is here!
Golf is a Crazy Game In an article written at CommercialBankruptcyLitigation.com, Jason Hirsch discusses a recent Fifth Circuit decision related to funds received by the Golf Channel from Stanford International Bank Limited. Read more about the clawback litigation here!
Is Distressed Investing for the Little Guy?  a recent article at CommercialBankruptcyInvestor.com, John Peterson discusses whether distressed investing is for the ‘little guy’. Read this important article here! 
Buying Manhattan: Investment Prices Drop on the City that Never Sleeps Last year, AIMKts published a piece called, “Can’t Afford to Live in NYC? You Can Still Own a Piece,” focusing on CityShares, a platform for investing in emerging neighborhoods in NYC, open only to accredited investors, for a minimum investment … Continue reading
Study: IPOs Grow Under the JOBS Act A study from the State University of New York at Buffalo’s School of Management has found that the JOBS Act seems to be having its intended effect – creating jobs, by helping more startups go public. Read more here.
What People of All Ages Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance The biggest threat to one’s nest egg or the assets that they wish to leave their loved ones isn’t necessarily a recession or tumbling stock market, but rather the debilitating march of time that might see them facing the kind … Continue reading

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