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What are the purchaser’s rights under an executory contract? Sven, of St. Paul, related to us this sad but musical[...]
90 Second Lesson: What is an “Exchange Offer?”
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The Myth of the Newspaper Being a Commercially Reasonable Notice
Is It Commercially Reasonable Notice, If No One Is Reading? You represent a secured lender. You are to assist your[...]
LLC Membership Interests in Chapter 11 – Can They be Sold Over Other Members’ Objections?
Interpretation Matters When a chapter 11 debtor holds a membership interest in an LLC, it may be permissible for them[...]
90 Second Lesson: What is a “composition agreement?”
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When Your Tenant Files for Bankruptcy
What a Commercial Landlord Needs to Know When a commercial real estate tenant files a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, the[...]
Dealing with Distress for Fun & Profit–Installment #20—A Primer on Plan Support Agreements & Restructuring Support Agreements
A written tour of business bankruptcy and its alternatives. This is the latest in the series, Dealing with Distress for[...]
Mission Accomplished: Executory Contract Protections Extend Beyond Trademark Licenses
Tempnology Resolves the Treatment of Trademark Licenses Under Bankruptcy Law and More On May 20, 2019, the United States Supreme[...]
90 Second Lesson: If I File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Are the Assets of My Single-Member LLC Safe From the Trustee?
QUESTION: A small business owner emailed us, on behalf of a friend, to ask whether assets in a single-member LLC[...]
Fancy Filing: Can They File a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case Just to Gain a Litigation Advantage?
The Answer Is: It Depends Debtors often use bankruptcy filing to gain an advantage in litigation. Whether or not they[...]
What Happens in the BVI, Doesn’t Stay In The BVI – Clawbacks of Fraudulent Transfers
How Far Can the Trustee Reach? It is common practice that trustees will seek to recover or “clawback” fraudulent transfers[...]
Section 363 Sale: Free and Clear of Claims That Are Backed By Strong Public Policies
Under Section 363(f) Free and Clear Means Free and Clear: A Case Study Bankruptcy sales of assets under section 363(f)[...]
90 Second Lesson: Can my borrower file for bankruptcy just to keep me from foreclosing?
  QUESTION: An exasperated loan officer emailed us, asking whether the borrower – a commercial real estate lessor – could[...]
The Road to an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC): A Case Study
This detailed story illustrates how a troubled company considered its duties and its options, then executed a strategy using an[...]
90 Second Lesson: Secured Creditors and Toll Charges
  QUESTION: An investment banker recently wrote in, saying this:  “I am currently helping a troubled company sell itself.  The[...]