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Alternatives to Business Bankruptcy

A composition agreement is an out of court agreement between the debtor and two or more creditors regarding payment arrangements on a debt.

When is a business turnaround no longer viable? Ask these questions to determine if you or your client’s business can be saved.

The statutes that dictate how to start and manage a receivership may differ depending on the state. One thing is for sure: Washington state a’int Minnesota.

Receiverships have been a remedy in Minnesota law for over a hundred years, but Minnesota recently revised its receivership statute in 2012. Understand more about how this bankruptcy alternative may be used to sell commercial real estate.

What powers is a receiver granted in order to achieve its goals? Understand a receiver’s scope and powers within a state equity receivership.

In a Delaware assignment for the benefit of creditors case, court approval is not required for a sale, but, time, money, and preference can factor.

Assignment for Benefit of Creditors (ABC) might mitigate loss and preserve going-concern value for the company and its secured creditor.

The ABCs of ABCs, Business Bankruptcy, & Corporate Restructuring/Insolvency In Installment 5, we walked through the lifecycle of a hypothetical traditional chapter 11, and in Installment 6 we discussed key concepts you must comprehend in order to understand any chapter 11 case. Now we pull the camera back and turn our focus away from chapter 11 specifically, to look more broadly at the options available to a company (that is, a “debtor”) and to its various constituents (e.g., creditors and equity owners) when that company is experiencing financial distress so […]