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90 Second Lesson: What is a UCC Article 9 Sale?
An Introduction to UCC Article 9 Question: What is it? Jack B. emailed, asking, “Please explain what an Article 9[...]
Alternative Debtor Management? Discharge Your Fiduciary Duty at $1,155 Per Hour!
Examining the “Fiduciary for Hire” and the NRA’s Bad Faith Bankruptcy “When in doubt, mumble, when in trouble, delegate, when[...]
The Nuts & Bolts of Ipso Facto Clauses and Golden Share Arrangements That May Sidestep the Bankruptcy Code’s Prohibition
When are Ipso Facto Clauses and Golden Share Arrangements Enforceable in Bankruptcy? “Termination on bankruptcy” provisions—ipso facto clauses—are commonly used[...]
90 Second Lesson: Stalking Horse Bid, Yay or Neigh?
The Pros and Cons of a Stalking Horse Bid Question: Why Be A Stalking Horse Bidder? A stalking horse bid[...]
3 Issues for Vendors to Consider When Their Customer Files Bankruptcy
Trade Creditors Still Have Options In the Event of a Customer Bankruptcy When a customer files bankruptcy, vendors can be[...]
How to Protect Your IP Rights When Your Licensor Files for Bankruptcy
What Companies Can Do to Protect Their IP Rights in Bankruptcy The Kodak case brought into sharp focus the treatment[...]
What Secured Lenders Should Know If Their Borrower Files for Bankruptcy
When a Borrower Files for Bankruptcy, How Can Secured Lenders Protect Their Position? As a secured lender, you should know[...]
90 Second Lesson: Is a Business Turnaround Still Possible?
How to Know When It’s Too Late for a Distressed Company [Editors’ Note: This lesson is part of our irregular[...]
Dealing with Corporate Distress 08: Preventing Forest Fires with First Day Motions in Chapter 11
The ABCs of ABCs, Business Bankruptcy & Corporate Restructuring/Insolvency In this installment, we take you on a tour of the[...]
Solvent Debtor? A Chapter 11 Debtor Need Not Be Broke
A Solvent Debtor Can File for Bankruptcy…but Can They Survive a Motion for Dismissal? Suppose that your borrower or customer[...]
Chapter 15 Bankruptcy: A Concise Overview
What Is the Purpose of Chapter 15 Bankruptcy? Bankruptcies are global fixtures, ones not necessarily restricted by borders. A company[...]
How a Distressed Company Can Manage Cash and Stakeholders in a Liquidity Crisis
Considerations for Companies in a Cash Crisis A liquidity crisis is a severe financial situation in which a company does[...]
Which Creditors Get Paid First? The Liquidation Order of (Absolute) Priority
What is the Hierarchy of Claims Under the Absolute Priority Rule? If you are a vendor, service provider, or another[...]
Dealing with Corporate Distress 07: Chapter 11 is Not Always the Answer: Strategic Alternatives For and Against Distressed Businesses
The ABCs of ABCs, Business Bankruptcy, & Corporate Restructuring/Insolvency In Installment 5, we walked through the lifecycle of a hypothetical[...]
3 Special Issues in Healthcare Restructurings
2020 Saw Increased Healthcare Provider Bankruptcies. What Should Companies & Restructuring Professionals Know Moving Forward? Healthcare providers face many pressures,[...]
90 Second Lesson: What is an Exchange Offer?
Why a Distressed Company May Make an Exchange Offer During Financial Restructuring Question Fred T. asks: “I own securities of[...]
What is Venue, and When Is Venue Transfer Permissible in Bankruptcy Litigation?
A Panel Discussion on the Choice and Challenges of Bankruptcy Venue and Venue Transfers In bankruptcy litigation, the venue can[...]
Steps a Supplier Can Take in the Face of a Potentially Bankrupt Retailer
Adequate Assurance, Suspended Delivery, and Other Rights and Remedies of a Supplier to a Bankrupt Retailer The impending bankruptcy of[...]
Recruiting Post-Bankruptcy Board Directors in the Pandemic Aftermath
How to Develop Board Committees Equipped for a New Landscape As Covid induced bankruptcies proliferate, creditors who become stockholders will[...]