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Distressed Deal Data User Guide

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How to Use the Distressed Deal Data™ Database

As a subscriber to DailyDAC’s Distressed Deal Data™ (“DDD”)™ you may access our deal intelligence in two ways:

  • Your subscription includes 24/7 access to the Distressed Deal Data™ Database (“DDDD”), our private database, so that you can access new deals in real time, as they are added throughout each day of every week.
  • Your subscription also includes a weekly newsletter that recaps all the information added to the DDDD over the preceding seven days.

The remainder of this document is a user guide for the DDDD

Click the Deal Title to View More Information

When you first view a deal in the Distressed Deal Data™ Database (“DDDD”) you will see a very short summary of that deal. To see more details you must click the title of that deal, which is hyperlinked to a page that contains additional information about that deal, including the actionable data.

Actionable Data

We use the term “actionable data” to refer to contact information for a human being who can provide you with more information about a particular deal, plus any other information our researchers have gathered and our analysts have written. We give you all the information we have on each deal, so you do not have to go hunting for it. Where there are relevant court documetns, for example, we include them.

The actionable data provided to DDD subscribers about any particular deal varies greatly depending on its Deal/Sale Type.

Deal Types

We organize our deal intelligence into one of 22 Deal/Sale Types:

  • Assignment for Benefit of Creditors – Commenced
  • Assignment for Benefit of Creditors – Sales
  • Bulk Sales
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – 363 Sales
  • Chapter 7 Filings Involving Companies With Significant Assets
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 363 Sales
  • Chapter 11 – Pleadings (other than a 363 Motion) or Other Facts Suggesting Likely Asset Sales
  • Chapter 12 Sale Info
  • Dissolutions & Wind Downs Under Circumstances Suggesting Remaining Assets of Value
  • Exploring Strategic Alternatives/Out-of-Court Restructuring Action/Cash Constraints
  • Facility Closings
  • Loan Sale (Secured Lender Seeking to Sell a Loan)
  • Mass Layoffs
  • Opportunistic Intel About Private Sales Not Listed in other Categories (Noteworthy Non-Distressed Auctions, Private Business Sales, Private Personal Property Sales, Private Real Estate Sales, Overstocks/Obsolete Inventory, and Other Interesting Sales Without a Legal Process)
  • Rating Agency Alerts/Going Concern Opinions/Stock Market Delisting/Other Signs of Potential Distress OR Upside Alpha Opportunity
  • Receiverships – Commenced
  • Receivership – Sales
  • Secured Party Sales (including Article 9 sales, commercial real estate foreclosure sales, residential real estate foreclosure sales, sheriff’s sales, tax sales, warehouse lien sales)
  • Seeking Debt Financing (No legal process commenced)
  • Seeking Equity Investment (No legal process commenced)
  • Significant Litigation Development Creating Potential Existential Threat
  • WI Chapter 128 Proceedings

Searching and Filtering the Data

The search bar for the DDDD performs a quick search of a deals’ title, company name, contact name/firm/email address, description, or ID number for the entered keyword.

To narrow your search by Industry, Sale Type, Deal Size, Sale Date, or Location, use the filtering selections in the left column.

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