Assignee Directory

This Directory is intended to be a comprehensive listing of every individual in the United States who has served as an assignee in the context of an assignment for the benefit of creditors (“ABC”) (as well as those who served as the ultimate decision-maker for the assignee where the assignee was a legal entity), and who remains available for such assignments.

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Assignee & Firm Name Email Address State(s) # of ABCs

Geoffrey Berman

[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, ME, MO 251+

Mary Ellen Bowers

Goldsmith Partners of Illinois, Inc.
[email protected] IL 21-30

Andrew De Camara

Sherwood Partners, Inc.
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, MN, MO 201-250

Patrick D. Cavanaugh

High Ridge Partners, LLC
[email protected] CO, DE, FL, IA, IL, OR, PA, TX 101-150

Barry Davidson

Davidson Backman Medeiros PLLC
[email protected] WA 10 or fewer

Alan M. Davis

Revitalization Partners, LLC
[email protected] OR, WA 31-40

Rebecca R. DeMarb

Development Specialists, Inc.
[email protected] DE, MI, WI 51-60

Jake Diiorio

Stapleton Group
[email protected] AZ, CA, CO, MA, NV, TX, UT, WA 101-150

Dan Dooley

[email protected] DE, IL, MO 11-20

Mark Dow

Rock Creek Advisors
[email protected] CA, DE 11-20

Michael J. Eber

High Ridge Partners, LLC
[email protected] DE, IA, IL, MI, MN, NY 61-70

Scott Eisenberg

Capstone Headwaters
[email protected] IL, MI 10 or fewer

Kyle Everett

[email protected] CA, DE 10 or fewer

Charles M. Forman

Forman Holt
[email protected] DE, NJ 10 or fewer

Jeremiah Foster

Resolute Commercial Services
[email protected] AZ, CA, DE, OR 10 or fewer

Seth R. Freeman, CIRA, CTP

B. Riley Advisory Services (GlassRatner), San Francisco
[email protected] CA 10 or fewer

Chad B. Friedman

Ravin Greenberg, LLC
[email protected] NJ 51-60

Molly Froschauer

Sherwood Partners, Inc.
[email protected] CA 41-50

James Gansman

Rock Creek Advisors
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, NJ 101-150

Gunther D. Gee

Insolvency Services Group
[email protected] CA, DE, NV, OR, TX, WA 251+

Katie S. Goodman

Asset Recovery Associates, LLC
[email protected] DE, GA 51-60

Robert Handler

Commercial Recovery Associates, LLC
[email protected] IL 21-30

Peter Hartheimer

Sherwood Partners, Inc.
[email protected] DE, MA, NJ 41-50

Greg Hays

Hays Financial Consulting, LLC
[email protected] GA 10 or fewer

Nicolas Hernandez

Armanino LLP
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, MN, NJ 251+

George Hofmann

Cohne Kinghorn
[email protected] UT 10 or fewer

Michael Hogan

Armanino LLP
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, MN, NJ 251+

Sandor Jacobson

Plante Moran
[email protected] IL 21-30

David Johnson

Sherwood Partners, Inc.
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, MO 91-100

Philip von Kahle

Michael Moecker & Associates, Inc.
[email protected] CA, DE, FL, GA, MA 251+

Steven P. Kartzman

Mellinger Kartzman LLC
[email protected] NJ 10 or fewer

Gene Kohut

Conway Mackenzie
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MI 11-20

Donald R. Lassman

Law Offices of Donald R. Lassman
[email protected] MA 11-20

Heidi Lipton

Rock Creek Advisors
[email protected] DE 11-20

Joseph Luzinski

[email protected] AL, FL, GA, IL, OH, TX 31-40

Michael Maidy

Sherwood Partners
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, NJ, OR, WA 251+

Matt McKinlay

[email protected] ID, UT 10 or fewer

Drew McManigle

MACCO Restructuring Group, LLC
[email protected] DE, TX 11-20

Nate McOmber

G2 Capital Advisors, LLC
[email protected] CA, DE, MA, NJ 61-70

Marc D. Miceli

[email protected] NJ 10 or fewer

Jane Mitnick

SM Financial Services Corporation
[email protected] DE 10 or fewer

Steven Mitnick

[email protected] DE, NJ, NY 251+

Alex Moglia

Moglia Advisors
[email protected] IL 51-60

Bernie Murphy

Sherwood Partners, Inc.
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, NJ, OR, WA 251+

Paul Neitzel

Rock Creek Advisors
[email protected] CA, DE 21-30

Steve Nerger

Silverman Consulting
[email protected] DE, IL 31-40

Joshua Olshin

[email protected] NY 10 or fewer

Joshua Pichinson

Sherwood Partners, Inc.
[email protected] CA 10 or fewer

Martin Pichinson

Sherwood Partners, Inc.
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, MO 251+

Doug Pick

Pick & Zabicki LLP
[email protected] NY 51-60

Michael Polsky

Beck Chaet Bamberger & Polsky, S.C.
[email protected] WI 251+

Stephen Ravin

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
[email protected] MA, NJ, NY 151-200

Howard Samuels

Rally Capital Advisors, LLC
[email protected] FL, IL, IN, NV, WI 251+

Joseph M. Shapiro, Esq.

Middlebrooks Shapiro, P.C.
[email protected] NJ 10 or fewer

Sam Sigelman

Lighthouse Management Group, Inc.
[email protected] MN 11-20

Frank R. Simon

Simon PLC Attorneys & Counselors
[email protected] MI 21-30

Anthony Sodono, III

McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC
[email protected] DE, NJ, NY, PA 201-250

Matt Sorenson

[email protected] CA, DE 51-60

David Stapleton

Stapleton Group, Inc.
[email protected] CA 101-150

Dan Stermer

[email protected] FL 41-50

Gregg F. Stewart

Rinnovo Management LLC
[email protected] FL 10 or fewer

Gregg Szilagyi

Tailwind Services LLC
[email protected] DE, IL 91-100

Susan L. Uecker

Uecker & Associates, Inc.
[email protected] CA 71-80

Dale Ulrich

[email protected] AZ, CA 10 or fewer

P. Alex van Dillen

Armanino LLP
[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, MN, NJ 251+

Steven Victor

[email protected] CA, DE, IL, MA, MN, MO 251+

Joel B. Weinberg

Insolvency Services Group
[email protected] CA, DE, NV, OR, TX, WA 251+

David Weinhoffer

MACCO Restructuring Group, LLC
[email protected] LA, TX 10 or fewer

Mark Welch

[email protected] OH, PA, WA 10 or fewer

Kenneth A. Welt

Trustee Services, Inc.
[email protected] MA, NJ, NV, PA 251+

Jonathan Wernick

B. Riley Advisory Services
[email protected] CA, DE 21-30