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90 Second Lessons

Too Late for Distressed Business?

90 Second Lesson: Is a Business Turnaround Still Possible?

When is a business turnaround no longer viable? Ask these questions to determine if you or your client’s business can be saved.

363 vs Article 9 Sale

90 Second Lesson: Selling Collateral in a 363 Sale vs. Article 9 Sale

Why would a secured creditor prefer to sell its collateral outside of bankruptcy? Here’s how time, money, and control differ in a 363 sale vs Article 9 sale.

90 Second Lesson: Distressed Real Estate vs. Operating A Business In Distress

Understand the ways in which distressed real estate is different from when an operating business in distress.

What is the in pari delicto defense

90 Second Lesson: What is the “In Pari Delicto” Defense?

Understand what the “in pari delicto” defense is and how it can be used in a bankruptcy proceeding to protect yourself.

Buying a distressed business

90 Second Lesson: First Step Before Buying a Distressed Business

Ordinary asset purchase? Article 9 sale? Bankruptcy acquisition? When buying a distressed business, the type of purchase should be top of mind.

Recharacterization and equitable subordination as tools for altering order of priority of creditors

90 Second Lesson: What is the Difference Between Recharacterization and Equitable Subordination?

Although commonly used interchangeably, recharacterization and equitable subordination have different purposes and effects on order of priority of claims.

what is a composition agreement

90 Second Lesson: What Is a Composition Agreement?

What is a composition agreement? It’s a bankruptcy alternative that can alter payments to creditors that want to keep the debtor in business. Learn more in this 90 second lesson.

90 Second Lesson Why Would a Debtor Choose to Liquidate Under Chapter 11

90 Second Lesson: Why Would a Debtor Choose to Liquidate Under Chapter 11?

There may be many business reasons and benefits for a debtor who chooses to liquidate under Chapter 11 rather than Chapter 7.

90 Second Lesson: What is a state law receivership?

What is a state law receivership? Understand the difference between state law receiverships and federal bankruptcy law, and what opportunities can come from receiverships.

Can A Borrower File for Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

90-Second Lesson: Can a Borrower File for Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure?

Explore whether a debtor can file chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy to evade a court-ordered receivership.

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