DailyDAC’s Premium Public Notice Service

Using DailyDAC’s premium public notice service is money well spent because of readership among interested buyers.”

Joshua Olshin | AuctionAdvisors

DailyDAC’s Premium Public Notice (PPN) Service™ exists to publicize auctions of financially distressed businesses, other urgent sales of businesses, and excess/overstock surplus assets (including real estate) to a very large and self-selected universe of qualified bidders and their advisors. The PPN Service also assists with noticing other events, deadlines, and milestones – including tombstones of completed deals and other significant news about members of the national restructuring community. DailyDAC’s readers include:

  • Accountants and business attorneys who are aware of their clients’ investment criteria
  • Family offices, private equity funds, and other financial buyers looking for underperforming and distressed companies to purchase
  • Financial advisors with clients looking for opportunistic investments
  • Real estate investors
  • Resellers of excess/overstock/surplus assets
  • Restructuring advisors & bankruptcy attorneys
  • Strategic buyers on the hunt for bolt-on acquisition opportunities

Where do DailyDAC’s Premium Public Notice Service ads appear?

1. DailyDAC’s Distressed Asset Central Weekly – An email newsletter sent to more than 10,000 subscribers each week – who subscribe precisely because they want to know about these opportunities.

2. DailyDAC.com – A website that receives thousands of monthly visitors because of DailyDAC’s advanced search engine optimization techniques.

3. DailyDAC’s Distressed Deal DataTM Database – The “DDDD” exists behind a paywall; accessible only to paying subscribers who want to see only a highly curated universe of deals. Any sale advertised as a PPN is also listed in the DDDD at no additional charge.

4. Social Media & Advertising – DailyDAC’s Social Media Team uses advanced proprietary techniques to disseminate each PPN Service Ad to potential buyers.

Traditional newspaper advertising for public auctions has several disadvantages in reaching the buyer marketplace…DailyDAC’s premium public notice service addresses all of these problems. It’s inexpensive, ads typically can go on-line the same day, and its opt-in newsletter goes out to thousands of people who subscribe with a clear interest in such sales.”

Jacen Dinoff | KCP Advisory Group LLC

How much does a Premium Public Notice Ad cost?

Pricing is straightforward and far less expensive than newspaper advertising:

  • An ad for a single auction costs $880 for one week.
  • Each additional week is only $275 – regardless of the number of weeks.
  • Links to other websites, pictures, and PDF files can be included at no additional charge.
  • DailyDAC, for no extra charge, is also happy to convert your ad copy to plain English. This can be a useful service for ads that contain too much legalese or which were drafted in haste.

Placing a Premium Public Notice Ad

1. Placing a Premium Public Notice Service ad is fast and easy.

2. Ads are published on our websites within one day of being accepted for publication (and are often published the same day).

3. DailyDAC’s Distressed Asset Central Weekly, our e-newsletter, is published every Tuesday at 9 am CT. If you get us your ad copy by 5 pm CT on Monday, your PPN can usually be published and in the next day’s newsletter.

4. To place an ad, simply email [email protected], or call 847-463-9530.

View or Download Our PPN Fact Sheet (pdf)

Auctioneer Directory

Any auctioneer who places one PPN ad is entitled to a 12-month free listing in DailyDAC’s Auctioneer Directory – a $1,100 value!

DailyDAC’s premium public notice service is an excellent way to make sure that a sale of a troubled company is marketed to a large and relevant audience of potential buyers in a commercially reasonable sale.

Alex Mazer | Big Shoulders Capital, LLC

What’s right with DailyDAC?

General circulation newspapers reach a broad but unfocused audience; most readers just don’t care about public auctions of commercial assets. Moreover, most newspapers’ geographic reach is limited, their ads are expensive, and there is significant lead time from the time you place the ad to the time it runs.

Placing a DailyDAC Premium Public Notice Ad is a smart supplement to, or replacement for, a newspaper ad. And having placed a PPN Ad with DailyDAC may just be the difference between a court finding that notice was — or was not — conducted in a commercially reasonable manner. To read more about the risks of relying solely on newspaper ads to satisfy notice requirements, read this.

Note also, that unlike most other public notices, PPNs typically include an “about us” paragraph about the firm conducting the auction.

Who places Premium Public Notice ads with DailyDAC?

DailyDAC’s customers include auctioneers, fiduciaries (e.g., Chapter 11 debtors-in-possession and committees, trustees, receivers, assignees) & secured lenders selling collateral under UCC Article 9.
PPN ads are also available to help disseminate notice of other events, deadlines, and milestones – including tombstones and other press releases.

DailyDAC Customers Include

  • Auction Advisors
  • Bauch & Michaels
  • Broadway Advisors
  • Chapman Spingola
  • Chapter 7 Trustee Kimberly Husted
  • Chapter 7 Trustee Lee Buchwald
  • Development Specialists, Inc.
  • Epiq Systems
  • Foley & Lardner
  • Fox Rothschild
  • Goldberg Kohn
  • High Ridge Partners
  • Hilco Global
  • Hunton Andrews Kurth
  • JND Corporate Restructuring
  • KCP Advisory Group
  • Keen-Summit Capital Partners
  • Kelley Drye & Warren LLP
  • Kirkland & Ellis
  • Klein & Associates
  • McDonald Hopkins
  • Moecker Auctions
  • Moglia Advisors
  • Pine River Capital
  • PPL Group
  • Rehmann Turnaround and Receivership Services
  • Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr
  • Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Helsinger
  • SmithAmundsen
  • The Skutch Arlow Group
  • Tranzon
  • Vedder Price

View or Download Our PPN Fact Sheet (pdf)

I recently used DailyDAC for the first time in a chapter 11 case where I represent a 186 unit retail chain. We requested that the court allow us to use DailyDAC because we thought it would be more effective in reaching our target audience and it was significantly cheaper then advertising in a newspaper.DailyDAC did not disappoint. Service was fast and courteous, and our successful bidder told us it learned about the auction after seeing our advertisement in the DailyDAC. I certainly plan to use DailyDAC on an ongoing basis.”

Harold D. Israel | Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC

While a newspaper ad may satisfy our minimum legal obligation, the incremental cost of also advertising using DailyDAC’s pPremium Public Notice service is money well spent because of its national and international reach among interested buyers.

Howard Samuels | Rally Capital Services, LLC

When running a 363 or other restructuring sale it is imperative that we can testify that we ran an exhaustive sale process to ensure compliance with law and that the sale will hold up in court. We view as one important component advertising on DailyDAC’s premium public notice service. We have had excellent success in past sales using this service.

Tom Goldblatt  | Ravinia Capital LLC