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Healthcare Restructurings: An Overview of Important Issues in Healthcare Bankruptcy Proceedings

Healthcare providers face many pressures, including regulatory compliance costs and the costs of necessary technological and infrastructure investments.  Congress’ repeated attempts to reform healthcare legislation this year have created new uncertainties for the healthcare industry. A survey of financial experts and bankruptcy lawyers predicted the healthcare industry would join the retail industry and oil and […]

Update on CFIUS National Security Review and the Section 363 Sale: Draper Athena as Stalking Horse for Assets of ATopTech, Inc.

A transaction in which a foreign company gains control of US assets can be hammered to sleep by the President acting upon the recommendation of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”).  The delay of CFIUS review and its potential draconian consequence affect the viability of foreign purchaser participation in asset sales […]

Platinum Partners: A Ponzi Scheme Hiding in Plain Sight

No One Questioned This Hedge Fund’s Madoff-Like Returns, by Zeke Faux and published in Bloomberg.com (Jan. 4, 2017), discusses the possibly $1 billion fraud alleged to have been engineered by Platinum Partners entities under the direction of Mark Nordlicht and others.  From this article we take away two principal points: Any sense that the SEC […]

Wave of Restaurant Bankruptcies Could Signal Coming Recession

There have been 10 restaurant company bankruptcy filings since November 2015. These companies, with approximately 1,000 combined locations, showcase the difficult operating realities of restaurant chains and could be a leading indicator of a general decline in economic conditions. Recent Restaurant Bankruptcies Opportunities and Challenges In recent years restaurant operators received increasing interest from private equity […]

Oil and Gas Bankruptcy: Observations of Opportunity Amidst the Crisis

The past 20 months have witnessed the U.S. energy sector slide into a state of distress not experienced since the 1980s. The magnitude of the price collapse and its duration is causing pain everywhere, with producers trying to cut their operations to the bare bone in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy or, in many cases […]

Netflix Barred by Bankruptcy Plan of Relativity From Streaming Films Before Their Release

Relativity Debtors are the “Masterminds” while Netflix sits in “The Disappointment Room” Faced with debts exceeding $1 billion and lacking liquidity, but hopeful that certain assets would bear bountiful fruit in due course, Relativity Fashion, LLC and a host of affiliates (collectively “Relativity”) filed chapter 11 cases in July 2015 in the United States Bankruptcy Court […]

Litigation Funder Monetizes Portion of Fraudulent Transfer Judgment in Cutting-Edge Transaction

Gerchen Keller purchases a portion of the interest in proceeds of $213 million fraudulent conveyance judgment in innovative public sale. An interesting transaction took place on September 8, 2016. The chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee for Magnesium Corporation of America (“MagCorp”) sold a $50 million share of a $213 million judgment it has against fraudulent conveyance […]

DON’T LET YOUR MONEY GO UP IN SMOKE: A Legal Marijuana Business Owes Me Money; Now What?

Times and mores are changing. More and more people and more and more states have de-stigmatized and legalized (in at least some respects) marijuana use, sales and cultivation. As the marijuana “industry” expands, and however unlikely it may seem, a marijuana business could run into creditor problems just like any other. In fact, this has happened already. Locally […]

Personal Property Appraisals 101

Are you a lender who needs an appraisal of personal property (machinery, equipment, and inventory) in connection with making a loan? Are you a company that needs one in connection with a capital raise or some other purpose? Regardless of the reason the need may arise, there are some baseline concepts that you should understand before hiring an appraisal firm. This article discusses some of them.

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