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State Receiverships

Minnesota receivership

Minnesota Commercial Real Estate Receiverships: Nuts and Bolts

Receiverships have been a remedy in Minnesota law for over a hundred years, but Minnesota recently revised its receivership statute in 2012. Understand more about how this bankruptcy alternative may be used to sell commercial real estate.

Receivership 101: How to Get a Receiver Appointed

Learn about the necessary steps needed to get a receiver appointed, including the important details of the motion for the appointment of a receiver.

Receivership 101: Representing the Defendant

When looking at a receivership from the perspective of Representing the Defendant there are several factors to take into account.

Receivership 101: Types of Receivership

Rebecca DeMarb outlines the different types of receiverships in the different states and what you need to know about the differences between them.

Receivership 101: What is a Receivership

Receiverships are essentially an equitable remedy where a court appoints a 3rd party neutral to assist parties in recovery outside of bankruptcy.

Receivership 101: Representing a Receiver

Jeff Ansel from Winthrop & Weinstine goes over the two categories of discussion when looking at representing a receiver.

Receivership 101: Costs in a Receivership

There are two types of costs in a receivership, direct and indirect. Learn more about these different receivership costs so there are no surprises.

90 Second Lesson: What is a state law receivership?

What is a state law receivership? Understand the difference between state law receiverships and federal bankruptcy law, and what opportunities can come from receiverships.

Application for receiverships

Application for Receivership

Applications for receiverships are becoming much more common as more states are adopting statutes that clearly outline how to conduct this process properly. Understand how these statutes function from state to state.

90 Second Lesson default

90-Second Lesson: You Default on a Commercial Loan, What Happens Next?

QUESTION: Scott T,  emailed, asking, “I have a client who owns a few income-producing properties, and she thinks she may not be able to make her next mortgage payments to her lender. What should I tell her to expect?” ANSWER: Once a default on a commercial loan is looming or occurs, a proactive mortgage lender […]