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What are your options when handling your distressed business? Pursing an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors is one of your options. The DailyDAC Editors offer reading recommendations to fill you in on the ABC process.

What Distressed Asset Investors Can Glean from Low Interest Rates, Rising Asset Prices and Insolvency on the Horizon DailyDAC readers know that we try to confine ourselves to publishing “evergreen” thought leadership—general education for business owners and investors about business bankruptcy, its alternatives, and related subjects. There isn’t a stark line between the news of the day about the Markets and the Economy, on the one hand, and the world that is our stock and trade. We have, in the past few weeks, had a number of conversations with some […]

What Can An Ancient Greek Playwright Tell Us About Bankruptcy? Some of the best lessons on fraud and deceit in bankruptcy were written around 2,500 years ago. Yes, all the way back in 423 B.C., the Greek playwright Aristophanes offered his thoughts for posterity in his comic play “The Clouds,” which tells the story of Strepsiades, a man unable to even sleep because of the huge debts his son has incurred. The play chronicles his various attempts to learn the art of “Unjust” argument from Socrates and the sophists, so […]