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Public Notice

The Myth of the Newspaper Being a Commercially Reasonable Notice

Is It Commercially Reasonable Notice, If No One Is Reading?1 You represent a secured lender. You are to assist your client in its exercise of rights under UCC §9-610 to sell its collateral after it has foreclosed upon the collateral. Or maybe you represent a chapter 11 debtor and are selling its assets under Bankruptcy […]


NOTICE OF Deadlines FOR the FILING of (i) PROOFS OF CLAIM, including Requests for Payment pursuant to section 503(b)(9) of the Bankruptcy Code, (ii) administrative claims, and (iii) rejection damages claims THE CLAIMS BAR DATE IS January 23, 2018 THE GOVERNMENTAL CLAIMS BAR DATE IS April 2, 2018 THE ADMINISTRATIVE CLAIMS BAR DATE IS January 23, […]

PUBLIC NOTICE OF ARTICLE 9 SALE: Stock in Nelbud Services Group, Inc.

DISPOSITION OF COLLATERAL UNDER UCC ARTICLE 9 – STOCK IN NELBUD SERVICES GROUP, INC. 1. Background: Pursuant to (i) the Credit Agreement dated December 2, 2015 (as amended or otherwise modified from time to time, “Credit Agreement”), among Nelbud Services Group, Inc., a New Jersey corporation (“Company”), the parties thereto from time to time as […]

PUBLIC NOTICE OF BANKRUPTCY SALE: Precision Machining Companies in Elk Grove, IL

DSI OFFERS SALE OF ADVANCED PRECISION MANUFACTURING, INC. AND ADK ARMS, INC.   1. Background: The United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division (“Court”) has ordered that Development Specialists, Inc. (“DSI”) shall serve as the Debtors’ Consultant and Sales Agent with respect to the sale under Bankruptcy Code Section 363 of substantially […]

PUBLIC NOTICE OF SALE: Bankruptcy Sale of Real Estate in Chicago, IL

GREGG SZILAGYI, BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEE ANNOUNCES SALE AND OPPORTUNITY TO BID ON REAL ESTATE LOCATED AT 200 N. DEARBORN ST. & AND 1212 N. LASALLE ST. IN CHICAGO   Summary: Gregg Szilagyi (“Trustee”) is the Chapter 7 Trustee in the bankruptcy case of Garvey Court Holdings, LLC, Case No. 16-01697, pending before Judge Jacqueline Cox in […]

PUBLIC NOTICE OF SALE: Young’s Appliances, Inc., of Glen Ellyn, IL

RALLY CAPITAL SERVICES ANNOUNCES RETURN OF BIDS SALE OF YOUNG’S APPLIANCES, INC., OF GLEN ELLYN, IL   1. Summary:  On Friday, September 15, 2017 Howard B. Samuels, not individually, but solely as Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors (the “Assignee” or the “Seller”) of Young’s Appliances, Inc. (“Young’s” or the “Business”), intends to sell his […]

PUBLIC NOTICE OF SALE: Chapter 11 Auction of Chellino Crane

FOCALPOINT PARTNERS ANNOUNCES THE CHAPTER 11 AUCTION OF CHELLINO CRANE   1. Background: Chellino Crane, Inc. et al. (collectively, the “Debtors”), based in Joliet, Illinois, is one of the largest crane operations in the Midwest, specializing in providing full service capabilities to niche markets such as refineries, power, and chemical plants. The companies sought chapter […]

PUBLIC NOTICE OF DEBTOR’S PROPOSED SALE: Of Real Property In Richmond Hill, New York

NOTICE OF DEBTOR’S PROPOSED SALE OF REAL PROPERTY IN RICHMOND HILL, NEW YORK   Hillside Lofts LLC, the Chapter 11 Debtor in Case. No. 17-41936 and represented by M. David Graubard, Esq., announces its intent to sell its real property.   1. Background: Background:  Hillside Lofts LLC is the Chapter 11 Debtor in Case. No. 17-41936 […]

PUBLIC NOTICE OF RECEIVERSHIP SALE: 4,368 SF Office Building Built in 1983 for Sale in Orlando Florida

Patrick Cavanaugh, OVERALL RECEIVER announces sale of 7411 INTERNATIONAL DRIVE PROPERTY in First Farmers Financial Litigation   1. Background:  Patrick Cavanaugh is Overall Receiver of the Overall Receivership Estate (“Overall Receiver”) in that certain case styled First Farmers Financial Litigation, pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division […]

PUBLIC NOTICE OF SALE: Bankruptcy Sale of Profitable Retail Shopping Centers

See Below for Photos Bankruptcy Auction of Profitable Retail Shopping Centers in IA & WI.  Shopping Centers Offered Individually or Package.  Cedar Mall , 803, 901 & 1003 Kelly St, Charles City, IA and Cedar Mall, 2900 S Main Street, Rice Lake, WI. See more details here. Additional Information Available at www.Keen-Summit.com or 646-381-9222 for more information. Offered by […]

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