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The Opportunistic Deal Database Provides Unique Opportunities for Investors

If you are an investor in distressed assets, you know that uncovering great deals takes a lot of work. There are times you’ve probably wished there was a way to find all the deals in one place. Well wish no more, DailyDAC has your back.

DailyDAC’s Opportunistic Deal Database (“ODD”) collects information about opportunities to purchase assets of financially distressed businesses, excess and obsolete assets, assets being sold in bankruptcy, receivership, and assignments, through Article 9 and other statutes, and assets otherwise being sold on an urgent “fire sale” basis.

The ODD is the largest database of its kind. Fiduciaries and intermediaries across the United States submit their deals to DailyDAC’s ODD and DailyDAC lists only those it believes will be of interest to its ODD members. DailyDAC’s ODD researchers supplement this deal flow by constantly reviewing thousands of newspapers, trade journals, court dockets, websites, and other sources. DailyDAC’s ODD researchers also look to and report on early indicators of the need to sell assets, such as bond downgrades, upcoming closings of large facilities, and data about upcoming layoffs.

The net result of this work is that DailyDAC’s ODD, which is commonly updated several times each day, lists hundreds of deals every month. Our ODD members get first access to these deals in an easily searchable database. Members are provided with real actionable data regarding the deals listed. They also have the option to receive weekly notices of deals in our newsletter or with alerts for deal type or industry.

DailyDAC limits the number of its ODD members to 300 at any one time. We do this precisely because doing so makes being a member of the ODD more valuable. August and September is the time each year when openings become available. You can try to join any time of the year, but if you’ve tried in the past you were probably frustrated to see a “You have been added to the waitlist” message. If you try to subscribe in September, however, you have a very good chance of being able to join instantly.

The ODD provides a one-stop-shop for investors looking for distressed deals.

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The editors and editorial board of DailyDAC include preeminent restructuring and insolvency professionals, journalists, and editors. They are devoted to providing reliable and plain English education and deal intelligence about assignments, corporate bankruptcy, receiverships, out-of-court workouts and similar topics.

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