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Ponzi Schemes at NAFER 2017 The NAFER 2017 Annual Conference featured a number of different speakers and panels, with the keynote presentation coming from Travis Correll, a convicted Ponzi schemer and master of a $100 million scheme. Also involved were SEC enforcement counsel Marshall Gandy, the federal equity receiver on the case (NAFER’s president, Greg Hays), and the receiver’s counsel David Dantzler. Travis Correll – Tale of a Fraud Mr. Correll traced the development of the fraud: His faith in an exotic investment vehicle. His solicitation of a few hundred thousand […]

The fifth annual NAFER conference featured receivers and federal judges, among others DailyDAC Editorial Staff attended the fifth national conference of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers (NAFER), held at the historic Mayflower Hotel in our nation’s capital, on October 13-15. The audience at the three day conference was composed largely of receivers, professionals who represent receivers, and federal judges. For newbies, the conference opened with a two-hour session entitled Receiver Training Camp, led by two past presidents of NAFER (Robert Wing and Steve Donell) plus presidents outgoing (Ira Bodenstein) and […]