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NAFER 2017 Annual Conference: The Biggest and Best So Far!

David Dantzler, Marshall Gandy, Travis Correll, and Greg Hays Time it was oh what a time it was, it was!2 A time of non-innocence and confidences, to be sure, for the Keynote Presentation of the NAFER 2017 Annual Conference featured a convicted Ponzi schemer (Travis Correll, master of a $100 million scheme), SEC enforcement counsel […]

NAFER 2017 Annual Conference [Oct. 18-20]: Miami, and a Ponzi Schemer Speaks!

NAFER 2017 Annual Conference [Oct. 18-20]: Miami, and a Ponzi Schemer Speaks! Also One Substantive Panel After Another and…MIAMI! The National Association of Federal Equity Receivers will hold its Sixth Annual Conference in Miami, October 18-20, at the Four Seasons Hotel.  We at DailyDAC have reported on NAFER’s 2016 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. and […]

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Fantastic Continuing Education / Networking Event for Asset-Based Lenders & Factors

FEBRUARY 9TH , 2017 NYC   The International Factoring Association North East Chapter (“IFA/NE”) is hosting what promises to be an excellent event for asset-based lenders and factors, as well as companies that borrow from them, and their respective advisors. One Event – Two Panels The event will consist of two panels, each an hour and fifteen […]

CONFERENCE REVIEW: NAFER Fifth Annual Conference, Washington D.C, Oct. 13-15, 2016

To see more photos from the conference, click here. DailyDAC Editorial Staff attended the fifth national conference of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers (NAFER), held at the historic Mayflower Hotel in our nation’s capital, on October 13-15. This conference earned a solid “A” from DailyDAC. The audience at the three day conference was composed […]

Keen-Summit Capital Partners Wins Turnaround Management Association’s 2016 Transaction of the Year Award

Selling the Aziz Convenience Store Chain at Bankruptcy Auction for $41.6 Million Harold J. Bordwin and Matt Bordwin, Principals and Co-Managing Directors of Keen-Summit Capital Partners LLC, have received the 2016 Transaction of the Year Award for a Mid-Size Company Transaction by the Turnaround Management Association (TMA).  The TMA and the American Bankruptcy Association are the […]

CONFERENCE REVIEW: NAFER Fourth Annual Conference, San Diego California, Oct. 15-17, 2015

Have you heard of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers (NAFER)?  If you are an insolvency/restructuring professional, you need to know about it (you could start by looking at www.nafer.org). When we first learned of NAFER, we were somewhat skeptical of the need for yet another organization in the space.  Our skepticism has turned […]

Oil and Gas Restructurings Explained by the Experts – The May 7 Akin Gump Panel Event

If you were looking to get up to speed on the unique aspects of restructurings for Exploration & Production companies in the oil and gas sector, you missed a great event last night with Akin Gump’s “Exploration & Production of an Oil & Gas Restructuring” in New York. Moderated by New York restructuring partner Ira […]

Shale and Petroleum – The Big Picture (Part 3)

If you have not done so already, you’ll want to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series first, before delving into this final Part 3. So, now that we know that this “shale revolution” has at least been a short-term game changer, it’s time to get into some more specifics of how unconventional oil sources should impact our […]

Shale and Petroleum – The Big Picture (Part 2)

If you have not yet read Part 1 of this series, you’ll want to go back and do so before tackling this Part 2. And if you’ve read Part 1, you’ll recall that we took an in-depth look at why conventional oil production follows a bell curve (known as “Hubbert’s Curve”), and where on that […]

Highlights from iGlobal Forum’s 6th Global Distressed Debt Investing Summit

iGlobal’s annual Global Distressed Debt Investing Summit, held yesterday, lived up to its reputation as a venue to hear the latest thought leadership about distressed debt investing. The day opened with a keynote by Perry Mandarino (PWC) and then moved right into Mandarino’s interview of Bruce Richards (Marathon Asset Management). One takeaway: Richards predicted that […]