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About Tommy M. Onich

Tommy M. Onich

Tom has acted as advisor and has served as Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer in a diverse range of distressed organizations where he successfully directed a number of complex and difficult corporate renewals in a broad range of business sectors. These include; structural steel, garment manufacturing, yacht building, agricultural equipment distribution, retail franchises, food processing, commercial baking and health care.  The scope of these reorganizations includes informal and statutory financial restructuring.  in theUnited Statesand inCanada. Tom is one of only a few turnaround professionals experienced with the insolvency laws and procedures of both countries.  Prior to his work in corporate renewal Tom was engaged in corporate lending with a major Canadian bank winning several awards for innovative solutions which supported client needs. His extensive knowledge of lending practices allows him to effectively assist clients in enhancing their capital structure.  Tom successfully completed the stringent accreditation process of The Association of Turnaround Professionals “ACTP” and was awarded the Certified Turnaround Professional designation in 2001. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with Honors standing fromBrockUniversity inCanada.  Articles authored by Tom have been published in the Journal of Corporate Renewal, the Secured Lender, the Commercial Lending Review, and the Provider.  He is the founder and President of TCMI Limited with offices in Canada and the United States  www.turnaroundinternational.com  Tom can be contacted by email at tonich@turnaroundinternational.com or by telephone at 1 800 691 3480      

Articles by Tommy M. Onich

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