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Public Notice of UCC Sale: Windwrap, LLC


Equity Trust Corporation f/b/o Jeffrey M. Wagner IRA (collectively, the “Secured Party”) is the secured party with respect to certain indebtedness owed by Windwrap, LLC (“Debtor”), whose principal place of business is 6943 N. Minnetonka Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646

Debtor’s indebtedness was incurred pursuant to the terms of those certain Promissory Notes dated April 5, 2013 and Security Agreements dated April 5, 2013 (collectively, the “Loan Documents”).

Debtor’s obligations under the Loan Documents are secured by the following (collectively, the “Collateral”).

All of the personal property of the Debtor, including any right or interest, and the proceeds, insurance proceeds and products thereof, together with all cash, bank accounts, special collateral accounts, books, records, customer lists, credit files, computer files, programs, printouts and other computer records, related thereto; account, chattel paper, documents, equipment, general intangibles, instruments, inventory, pledged deposits and stock rights; including, without limitation, all: Accounts, Chattel Paper, Documents, Equipment, General Intangibles (including without limitation patents, trademarks, tradenames, copyrights, licenses), and Instruments.

Debtor has defaulted in its obligations to the Secured Party under the Loan Documents. The balance of the obligations owed to Secured Party under the Loan Documents as of October 26 is $802,536.64.

The Secured Party will sell the Collateral at a public sale to be conducted pursuant to the terms of Section 9-601 et seq. of the Illinois Uniform Commercial Code, via public auction conducted on Monday, December 7, 2020, at 10:30 a.m. (Central Standard Time).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attendance at the public sale may only be by telephone. The call-in number and password to attend the public sale telephonically are as follows: Telephone Number: +1-215-299-3000 US Toll; +1-800-598-1154 US Toll Free; Access code: 646035943.

Please contact counsel for the Secured Party, Robert W. Glantz, Esq., Fox Rothschild LLP, 321 North Clark Street, Suite 1600, Chicago, Illinois 60654, Chicago, Illinois 60654, [email protected], (312) 666-2835, on or before 5:00 pm (Central Time) Friday, December 4, 2020, if you desire to participate in the sale. Additional sale procedures will be presented to all participants prior to the sale.

The Secured Party reserves the right in its sole discretion to adjourn the sale to another date without further publication or notice by giving notice at the time of the sale. The full bid price must be paid in certified check or cashier’s check payable to the order of Fox Rothschild LLP. The successful bid price must be paid in full at the time of the sale. Secured Party reserves the right to bid all or part of the amount secured by the Collateral being sold without certified or cashier’s check as required for other bidders.

The Collateral to be sold in this sale is being sold on an “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis. The Secured Party specifically disclaims all representations and warranties, including but not limited to those that relate to title, value, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability and condition of the Collateral.

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