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Bankruptcy Auction In re 3:17-bk-26908 | Thomas Nicol Company, Inc.

  • Original Balance: $1,990,000.00
  • Origination Date: January 20th 2006
  • Interest Rate: 6%
  • Performance: Non-Performing
  • Secured by 45± Acres in Ocean County, NJ

The offering consists of the sale of a promissory note in the amount of $1,990,000.00 dated January 20, 2006 payable to Thomas Nicol Company, Inc. and Asphalt, collectively by Davies Consultants, Inc. (the “Note”) and the mortgagees on that certain Mortgage and Security Agreement between Davies Consultants, Inc. as mortgagor and Thomas Nicol Company, Inc. and Asphalt, collectively as mortgagee on the property located at 2065 Route 37 AKA 2065 Highway 37 Lot 15.01 Block 44 in the township of Manchester, county of Ocean, State of New Jersey (the “Property”) and securing the Note (the “Mortgage”).

Initial Bids Due: Monday, May 20th before 5 PM.

Auction Sale Date: Tuesday, May 21st.

Please see Motion for Auction Sale posted on www.AuctionAdvisors.com for full details.

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