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Leader in AI Powered Storage Technology – Asset Sale Including IP, Source Code, and More

Qualified Overbids Due by 5 p.m., Pacific Daylight Savings Time, on December 5th, 2022.

The assets of Enmotus, Inc. (“Enmotus”), a technology company specializing in AI optimized storage technology, are being offered for sale.  Enmotus executed a General Assignment for the benefit of creditors under California law in favor of Insolvency Services Group, Inc. earlier this year.  Prior to the general assignment execution, Enmotus had ceased operation in June of 2021.

Enmotus’ Virtual SSD Software analyzes storage workloads in real time and dynamically provisions flash storage to the workloads that require it without adding any overhead. This intelligent data management solution automatically places active data on Primary Storage and seamlessly moves cold data to Secondary Storage without any user intervention.  This software provides solutions related to capacity, endurance and performance needs for enterprise mobile devices, edge servers, data center servers and gaming PCs.

The Assignee will sell all of the Assignee’s rights in Enmotus’ intellectual property and general intangibles, including eight patents, source code and designs related to its AI memory management technology and its FuzeDrive, FuzionX, AMD StoreMI products, and domain and trade names.

A stalking horse offer has been received and the Assignee is currently soliciting overbids to the stalking horse offer.  To the extent a qualified overbid is received, an auction will occur.  Upon the Assignee’s receipt of an executed copy of the NDA (available by request), interested parties will be given access to a data room, which includes further information on Enmotus’ assets, the stalking horse offer and bid procedures.

Interested parties may access the Enmotus website below for more company-related information:


For the full sales memorandum and NDA required for data room access, please contact:

Carly Springer (Advisor to the Assignee)

[email protected]

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