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PUBLIC NOTICE OF 363 SALE: Allied Healthcare Products


Allied Healthcare Products is a legendary medical equipment company with entrenched placements in a significant portion of all major medical products purchasers throughout the world. The company was formed through a combination of leading medical product companies and formerly had annual sales exceeding $100 million.

Due to a series of events, including canceled orders of ventilators during the pandemic, the company is selling all of its customer placements, patents and trademarks, manufacturing know-how, equipment, and other assets in a 363-bankruptcy(click on link to access all publicly filed bankruptcy documents) auction on or about mid-to-late June subject to Bankruptcy court approval.

The company has obtained initial bids for the St. Louis brands and assets and the New York CO2 absorbent brands and assets of $4.5M and $3.15M (in addition to AR), respectively from Flexicare Ltd, an international medical products company through two heavily negotiated stalking horse Asset Purchase Agreements(APAs) available for review.

We are currently reaching out to potential bidders to purchase Allied’s assets and continue sales of its product line.

Given existing manufacturing facilities in St. Louis, MO and Stuyvesant Falls, NY, we are splitting the Company into two assets:

  1. Project Allied – The St. Louis portion of Allied Healthcare Products’ assets consisting of the Company’s Medical Gas Pipeline, Patient Care & Gomco Brand, Gomco Clamps, Emergency, Ventilators, and Schuco & B&F Brands segments. (Motion to Sell St. Louis Assets (Pages 52 – 108))
  2. Project White Gold – The Stuyvesant Falls portion of Allied Healthcare Products’ assets solely consists of the Company’s CO2 absorbents segment, building and property. (Motion to Sell NY Assets (Pages 53 – 111))

If you have interest in learning more, we have a complete data room including robust pre-prepared diligence reports, appraisals, and explanatory memorandums. We encourage you to review the below opportunity teasers, as well as the attached document outlining the proposed required terms of a non-stalking-horse bid.

If interested, return a signed copy of the supplied NDA so that we may provide you with full access to diligence materials.

You can enter one or both auctions. A complete list of proposed bid rules for the auction is contained in the document called:

  1. Motion to Sell St. Louis Assets (Pages 8 – 9)
  2. Motion to Sell NY Assets (Pages 8 – 9)

As Allied’s exclusive investment banker, Ravinia Capital is committed to supporting any and all interested parties in their evaluation of this opportunity and will work diligently to aid them in producing a qualifying preliminary bid by the submission deadline in June subject to Bankruptcy court approval.

Tom Goldblatt, Managing Partner
Ravinia Capital LLC
125 South Wacker Dr.
Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 316-4641
[email protected]

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