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Agri-Fine, Inc. the country’s largest producer of acidulated soapstock, is making its assets available for sale at an auction scheduled for March 10th, 2016, in Chicago Illinois. Parties interested in learning more about this investment opportunity are encouraged to contact the Company’s professional advisors immediately. The Company produces an all-vegetable, virgin oil from a co-product, soapstock, which originates from food-oil refineries such as corn, canola, and soy. The Company has a capacity to process 3,000 metric tons of slapstick per week, owns a 4-5 acre parcel of real estate in Chicago, IL, and operates a newly overhauled plant and equipment in a 19,000 sf building space. The plant contains 24 new processing reactors, 4 new raw material feedstock storage tanks with 178,000 gallon capacity each. The Company also has a state of the art quality control laboratory, railroad and truck unloading systems with scales and load-out, and includes eco-friendly additions. Recent volatility in crop and oil prices has led company to seek a sale of its assets through a bankruptcy auction process. For a full copy of the Company’s sale teaser, please contact Michael Goldman and Jonathan Friedland by email at [email protected]; and [email protected].

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