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PUBLIC NOTICE OF AUCTION: Subscription-Based Woman’s Activewear Brand


1. LOI Deadline. December 21st, 2020 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time.

2. Background. Company is a four-year-old subscription-based service in the women’s activewear space. Extensive exclusive technology has been built to service over 80K customers in that time. More than 1MM pieces of activewear have been curated for past and present customers. This curation is accomplished using a machine-learning algorithm. The Company is currently operational with over 15K active members billing on a monthly, semi-monthly and quarterly basis. The Company’s social following includes over 140K followers on Facebook and 70K followers on Instagram. Company has generated over $28MM since inception and is on pace for over $5MM in 2020. Company projects to be EBITA positive for the year.

Company anticipates making a General Assignment for the benefit of its creditors in favor of Insolvency Services Group, Inc. prior to the LOI Deadline.

3. Process Overview.

  1. The Assignee will provide access to diligence data, company representatives and a form asset purchase agreement (“APA”) to interested parties who have executed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”).
  2. Company name to be provided upon execution of an NDA.
  3. Letters of Intent containing terms of purchase must be received no later than the LOI Deadline.
  4. The selection of the prevailing LOI will be at the Assignee’s absolute discretion and may be subject to the approval of the existing secured creditor.

4. Assets to be Sold. The prospective Assignee will sell all of the prospective Assignee’s rights in Company’s tangible and intangible property, including, but not limited to: Inventory, Exclusive Technology, Website, Customer Lists, Social Media Networks (Facebook, Instagram), Branding Collateral (graphics and verbiage), Production Relationships, Subsidiary Vertically Integrated Activewear Brands, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Research and Development, and Marketing Materials.

5. More Information. Carly Springer of Insolvency Services Group. Phone: 949-715-8133 or email: [email protected], Advisor to the Prospective Assignee.

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