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PUBLIC NOTICE: Sale of Judgments

R. Wayne Klein, Receiver for U.S. Ventures LC, Winsome Investment Trust, and all the assets of Robert J. Andres and Robert L. Holloway (the “Receiver”) in the civil case styled as U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. U.S. Ventures LC, et al, Civ. Case No. 2:11CV00099 BSJ (D. Utah) (“Civil Case”), gives notice of his intent to sell certain personal property consisting of 26 unsatisfied legal judgments held by the Receiver with face amounts totaling $9,255,807.77 (the “Judgments”) and potential residual assets received after the close of the Receivership (the “Residual Assets”) through a public auction to the highest bidder payable in lawful money of the United States on the 26th day of February, 2019 at the hour of 10:00 a.m. at the Third District Court of Utah, 450 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, or as may be continued from time to time by the Receiver (the “Auction”). The Judgments include the following, which shall be sold in five parcels (“Parcels”):

Judgment Defendant Case #
(District of Utah)
Judgment Amount
Parcel #1
William T. Cornelius and Cornelius & Salhab 2:11-cv-1159 $89,845.73
Parcel #2
King & King & Jones; David Jones note (less amounts paid, $1,258.78 paid as of 1/11/19) 2:12-cv-51 $21,000.00
Parcel #3
Lou Georges 2:12-cv-76 48,500.00
Parcel #4
Warren Wai Hung Chiu (less amounts paid, $11,900 paid as of 1/11/19) 2:12-cv-116 $767,570.63
Winnie Chiu 2:12-cv-116 $110,000.00
Pacific Win 2:12-cv-116 $164,000.00
Parcel #5
Al and Cherylyn Sellers 2:11-cv-950 $144,200.00
Connie Patterson 2:11-cv-723 $1,966,417.00
Houston Zero 2:11-cv-956 $10,000.00
Jerome Carter 2:11-cv-722 $798,753.23
Jesus Enrique Baca Delgado 2:12-cv-105 $75,100.00
Kathy Grady 2:12-cv-66 $49,625.84
Keith Shaffner 2:12-cv-16 $362,188.78
Khiem Allen Le 2:12-cv-77 $127,244.82
Lisa Pham 2:11-cv-1155 $122,000.00
MME Group /Robert Ruzzo Righetti 2:12-cv-78 $483,000.00
Mykal Pitts 2:11-cv-957 $332,298.00
Nancy Howe d/b/a Howe Financial and Leo Renaud 2:11-cv-1160 $2,279,187.71
Nunzio Bruno 2:12-cv-58 $203,052.66
Onti Management Group and Robert Quinton Cook 2:12-cv-117 $25,355.00
Ryan Runia 2:!2-cv-79 $82,071.40
William Ison 2:12-cv-55 $185,501.03
Wings Over the World and Terry Harper 2:12-cv-23 $335,470.07
Aishwariya Enterprises 2:12-cv-70 $206,020.40
Garry Smith 2:12-cv-69 $64,240.00
M&K Ventures 2:12-cv-16 $203,165.47
Residual assets of the Receivership Estate Not Applicable Unknown

The Parcels will be sold at the Auction “as is” with no representations and warranties. Requests for additional information about the Judgments and Residual Assets (including additional amounts paid to the Receiver after the date of the motion) may be obtained upon request made to the Receiver’s counsel at: Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar PLLC, attn: David Castleberry, 136 East South Temple, Suite 1300, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111; [email protected]

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