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PUBLIC NOTICE OF SALE: Secured Party’s Sale At Public Auction

Notice of Secured Party’s Sale at Public Auction on June 14, 2024

SECURED PARTY’S SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION ON FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2024, commencing at 3 p.m. CDT. Certain assets of TrueNorth Projects, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Debtor”), will be offered for sale by Mayaguana Island Developers, Limited, a company formed under the laws of The Bahamas (the “Secured Party”), to the highest bidder at a public auction held via remote communication. The assets for sale are a twenty percent Membership Interest in True North Services, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company, together with all proceeds and substitutions thereof, all cash, securities and other moneys and property paid thereon, all rights to subscribe for securities declared or granted in connection therewith, and all other cash and noncash proceeds of the foregoing (all hereinafter referred to as the “Asset”). The Secured Party will make absolutely no representations or warranties, including those related to title, possession, quiet enjoyment, or the like in this sale. Any document, statement, or information provided to any potential bidder is provided solely for informational purposes and no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of completeness thereof is made by the Secured Party. The Debtor’s Asset will be offered and sold pursuant to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code of Delaware. The Secured Party may continue or suspend the sale hereby advertised or cause the sale to be adjourned from time to time, without notice or publication, by announcement at the time and place appointed for such sale, or any adjournments, and, without further notice or publication, such sale may be made at the time and place to which the sale may be so adjourned. The Secured Party shall not be obligated to make any sale pursuant to this notice and reserves the right to approve or reject any bids. Right is reserved to the Secured Party to bid at the sale or any adjournments thereof and to credit the purchase price against the expenses of the sale and the principal, interest, and any other amount of the indebtedness of the Debtor owed to the Secured Party. The outstanding amount of the indebtedness of the Debtor owed to the Secured Party shall not be otherwise diminished until satisfaction in full thereof or release by the Secured Party. Each bidder will be required to provide a refundable deposit of Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) and the winning bidder will be required to pay half the bid amount, less the deposit,  by 5 p.m. CDT on first business day following the auction and the remainder of the bid amount within ten business days following the auction or such later date as the winning bidder and the Secured Party may agree. All payments shall be made in cash or by cashier or certified check payable to the order of the Secured Party. The sale will be kept open after bids have been received on the Asset, and in case any successful bidder fails to timely complete its purchase as provided, the Secured Party may (i) convey the Asset to the next highest bidder at the sale for the highest price bid thereby, or (ii) at the Secured Party’s election, and without obligation, purchase the Collateral for itself at such next-highest bid price or the price bid by the bidder who failed to close. In the event of failure to complete the purchase, the bidder will not be relieved of liability to complete the purchase and the bidder’s deposit and initial payment, if applicable, will be held as liquidated damages for breach of bidder’s obligation to complete the purchase and will not be refunded. The above terms and conditions of the sale may be subject to additional or amended terms and conditions to be announced at the time of the sale. Published in DailyDAC from May 24, 2024 to May 30, 2024.

All interested prospective bidders are invited to become “qualified bidders.” Only qualified bidders and their duly appointed agents and representatives may participate at the public auction. The terms of sale and other bid requirements may be obtained by contacting counsel for the Secured Party below. Additional information is available to qualified bidders. Information on how to access the auction will be provided to qualified bidders at least one business day prior to the auction.


Contact: Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP; One Financial Center, Suite 3500, Boston, MA 02111, Attn: Matthew Iverson; Email: [email protected]

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