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PUBLIC NOTICE OF ABC SALE: Confidential Furniture Rental Company

Confidential Company

Offer Deadline                  June 26, 2023, at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

NDA Deadline                  June 14, 2023


The Confidential Company is a is a premium furniture rental company. The Company elevates the home furnishing experience for the next generation of professionals through product quality, service level, and sustainability. The Company has two business segments servicing seven metro areas:

Direct to Consumer: Its furniture-as-a-service solution focuses on young, successful renters who value a more sustainable and flexible alternative to the hassles of moving, storing and trashing furniture.

Business to Business: The Company works with real estate operators to power furnished rental programs, providing a best-in-class, 360o holistic solution across design, operations, installation, technology and financing.

The Company is the subject of an assignment for the benefit of creditors.

Process Overview

  1. The prospective Assignee will provide a form asset purchase agreement (“APA”) to interested parties who have executed a non-disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) by the NDA Deadline.
  2. Letters of Intent in the form of a redline to the APA (containing the additional information as may be required by the prospective Assignee) must be received no later than the Bid Deadline.
  3. The winning bidder will be selected and notified by the prospective Assignee on June 27, 2023
  4. The selection of the winning bidder is in the prospective Assignee’s absolute discretion.
  5. The winning bidder must be prepared to close and fund the purchase by June 29, 2023

Assets to be Sold

It possesses assets including but not limited to: inventory, rental revenue streams, patents, proprietary software, trade secrets, trademarks, domains, and copyrightable information

More Information

Jonathan Wernick of B. RILEY FINANCIAL ADVISORY SERVICES. Phone: 213-409-6237 or email: [email protected], Advisor to the Prospective Assignee.

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