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PUBLIC NOTICE OF 363 SALE: Residential Portfolios on Purdue University Campus

Bankruptcy 363 Sale: Residential Portfolios on Purdue University Campus

SEALED BID DEADLINE: Thursday, February 24, 2022, 5 pm EST

Buyer’s Premium: 6%

AW Properties Global has been exclusively engaged to market multiple residential portfolios including 89 properties located in West Lafayette and Lafayette, Indiana on the campus of Purdue University.

Currently included in the sale are:

  • 82 condominium units located in a prime waterfront location at 320 Brown Street, West Lafayette, Indiana
  • 7 single family rental properties on the campus of Purdue University and adjacent to the University
  • Excellent opportunity for redevelopment for use as student or professional housing

Additional condominium units located at 320 Brown Street, West Lafayette, Indiana are being added to the sale. For a current and full offering package spreadsheet, please contact:

Diana Peterson
[email protected]

Emily Gottlieb
[email protected]



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