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Opportunity to Purchase a Two-Building Industrial Complex in Chicago

Bankruptcy Trustee Alex D. Moglia, Announces Opportunity to Purchase a Two-Building Industrial Complex in Chicago

525 E 130th St
Chicago, IL 60628

On behalf of Alex D. Moglia, the Bankruptcy Trustee, Foresite Realty Partners is pleased to offer the opportunity to purchase a two building industrial complex located in Chicago, Illinois.

The Property consists of a two building industrial complex comprised of a total of +/-41,315 square feet. The structure is a single-story and partial two-story, industrial building constructed over time beginning in 1954, with additions made in 1962, 1972 and 1980. Approximately 16.9% of the building is considered office/retail space. The rear building is approximately 3,500 square feet and was used as a maintenance garage.The total land size is approximately 217,800 SF or 5.0 acres.

The buildings are constructed with a combination of brick, concrete block and metal panel exterior walls. There is approximately 12,000 square feet of cold storage, with total of three walk-in freezers, and four walk-in coolers. The ceiling height for the main building ranges from 9 feet in the storage warehouse area to 23 feet in the main cooler area. There are a total of 13 exterior truck doors, with 10 docks that have levelers.

Zoning is M1-1: Limited Manufacturing/Business Park District. The primary purpose of M1-1 is to accommodate low-impact manufacturing, wholesaling, warehousing and distribution activities. Permitted uses include any production, processing, cleaning, servicing, testing, repair or storage of material, goods or products.

The Property is currently occupied by a single tenant named Kingdom Farms Wholesale Meats.

For Further information, please contact Ryan Nelson at 847-939-6017 or [email protected]

Asking Price: $850,000

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