Opportunistic Deal Database User Guide

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Executive Summary – What is DailyDAC’s ODD™ (Opportunistic Deal Database™)?

DailyDAC’s ODD™ exists to provide its subscribers with intelligence regarding “urgent situations.”

Each week, our researchers review hundreds of sources and exercise real judgment in deciding what situations to include in the Opportunistic Deal Database. Sources our researchers scour include:

  • Court dockets
  • Government filings
  • “Big data” news searches
  • Public notices in hundreds of newspapers and other publications

In addition, since its creation in 2010, DailyDAC™ has become the go-to venue for fiduciaries (assignees, bankruptcy trustees, receivers, etc), secured lenders, attorneys, accountants, and investment bankers who want to publicize asset sales and investment opportunities involving time sensitive situations.

Such professionals must provide commercially reasonable notice of such opportunities but they do not want to be deluged by unqualified buyers. DaiyDAC™ is able to provide them such a venue because DailyDAC™ charges a considerable monthly fee for access to its Opportunistic Deal Database™ and because DailyDAC™ limits its subscription base to no more than 300 people at any given time.

While financially distressed businesses represent a good percentage of our listings, DailyDAC™ also trades in other troubled businesses, such as divorce (marital and business), disability, and death of a business’s principals. Further, our researchers ferret out forward looking indicators of opportunities, such as mass layoffs, plant closings, debt downgrades, and the like. In addition to all this, as noted above, we also take the liberty of listing other sales that we think would be of potential interest to our subscribers.

Our researchers work virtually around the clock and are adding deals all the time. And, as noted above, they exercise real judgment in deciding what to list because we understand that our subscribers time is valuable and limited.

Click the Deal Title to View More Information

When you first view a deal in the ODD™ you will see a very short summary of that deal. To see more details you must click the title of that deal, which is hyperlinked to a page that contains additional information about that deal.

Actionable Data

We use the term “actionable data” to refer primarily to contact information for a human being who can provide our subscribers with more information about a particular deal, though the term also includes other information to the extent that such other information is sufficient to enable a subscriber to pursue the deal.

The amount of actionable data provided to ODD subscribers about any particular deal varies greatly depending on its “Deal/Sale Type.” Generally speaking, the ODD provides fairly fulsome information for the following Deal/Sale Types:

  1. Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors
  2. Auctions
  3. Chapter (363 Sales)
  4. Chapter 7 (363 Sales of Business Assets)
  5. Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Sales
  6. Private Company sales
  7. Receiverships
  8. Secured Party Sales
  9. Seeking Debt Financing
  10. Seeking Private Equity Investment
  11. Seeking Venture Capital/Angel Investment

This is because the source material that DailyDAC™ analysts review in connection with these deals include such actionable data or provides them enough information to deduce actionable data with reasonable effort.

Other “Deal/Sale Types” are sourced in a manner that makes providing more actionable data more difficult. These include:

  1. Bulk Sales
  2. Going Concern Opinions
  3. Mass Layoffs
  4. Plant/Facility Closings
  5. Significant Litigation Developments

Searching and Filtering the Data

The search bar for the ODD performs a quick search of only a deals’ title, description or ID number. It does not return results of all terms within a deal.

To narrow your search by Industry, Sale Type, Deal Size, Sale Date or Location, use the filtering selections on the left side.

Email Notifications

There are multiple ways you can get notified when we add deals to our database. First, our Tuesday newsletter lists all the deals added to the database during that week. Second, you can set up Email Notifications for specific Industries or Sale Type and every night you’ll get an email if we’ve added a deal in one of your selected options. You can manage both of these settings in your My Account area.


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