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Distressed Deal Data – Terms and Conditions


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There are no refunds for subscriptions and subscriptions auto renew on their anniversary date and your credit card will be charged for such auto renewal unless cancelled prior to the anniversary date of your subscription. You may cancel at anytime prior to the anniversary date of your subscription date to avoid auto renewal. To cancel you subscription, contact us at least three business days prior to your renewal date and advise us you wish to cancel. This will cancel your subscription at the end of your current term and we will not charge your credit card again. To be clear, subscriptions are charged on the anniversary of your subscription date and are not pro rated. In other words, if you subscribe on September 13th then you can cancel anytime before October 13th and you will not be charged again. However, if you cancel on October 14th you will be charged for the month of October and retain access to the database until November 13th.

More About DailyDAC™

DailyDAC™ is a publication of DailyDAC™, LLC, which is strictly a research publishing firm and falls within the publisher’s exemption of the definition of an “investment advisor” and is of general and regular circulation. DailyDAC™ is not a registered broker/dealer and it is not an investment bank or business broker. DailyDAC™ is not a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any securities. DailyDAC™ is a sister website of Financial Poise™.

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