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About David Weinstein

David Weinstein

David R. Weinstein has practiced law in the areas of bankruptcy, insolvency and creditor-debtor relationships. He has been a partner and an associate in small, medium and large law firms, helping individuals and companies, large and small. Today, Mr. Weinstein blends all those experiences with the personalized service he can give directly to clients in a one-to-one setting.

Articles by David Weinstein

DON’T LET YOUR MONEY GO UP IN SMOKE: A Legal Marijuana Business Owes Me Money; Now What?

Times and mores are changing. More and more people and more and more states have de-stigmatized and legalized (in at least some respects) marijuana use, sales and cultivation. As the marijuana “industry” expands, and however unlikely it may seem, a marijuana business could run into creditor problems just like any other. In fact, this has happened already. Locally […]