October 5, 2021
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PUBLIC NOTICE OF SALE: Modacentric Corp.

UNMEIII, Inc. will hold a public UCC auction on October 26th of substantially all the assets of its borrower, Modacentric Corp. ("Borrower"). Bid deadline is October 22nd.

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H.B. Fuller Company, in its capacity as Collateral Agent, will hold a public UCC auction of certain property owned by OptMed, Inc. on October 20th. Bid Deadline is October 15th.

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Can you guess who has filed for bankruptcy? These statesmen: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Benedict Arnold, William McKinley, George McGovern, William Jefferson. These celebrities: Larry King, Cyndi Lauper, George Foreman, Francis Ford Coppola, Burt Reynolds, Willie Nelson, Wayne Newton, Dionne Warwick, Kim Basinger, Gary Busey, Debbie Reynolds, Elton John, Meat Loaf, Toni Braxton, Tom Petty, Mick Fleetwood, Janice Dickinson, and Mark Twain. These business luminaries: Walt Disney, Dave Ramsey (ironic!), Gawker founder Nick Denton, Faraday Future founder Jia Yueting, Henry John Heinz, and Henry Ford. Thanks to Megan Liscomb whose article some of this information came from and to the law firm of Merritt & Hagen, whose website was used as the source for other of this information.
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Latest Deals Added to the Opportunistic Deal Database
The deals listed here were added to the ODD throughout the seven-day period ending this past Friday. The number in parentheses next to each deal is its unique ID number, included so you can easily find these deals on our website by searching for this number.

Article 9/Secured Party Sales

  1. Three story commercial building - (30664)
  2. Aircraft aftermarket equipment - (30652)
  3. Retail property - 5,000 sq. ft. - (30665)
  4. Commercial garage-two parcels - (30663)
  5. Condominium Unit-Resort Area - (30651)

Private Company Sales

  1. Large furniture manufacturer - (30645)
  2. General contracting business - (30646)
  3. Traffic sign manufacturer - (30643)
  4. Industrial distributor - (30647)
  5. Medical practice - (30644)

Chapter 11 - 363 Sales

  1. Restaurant/buffet chain - (30674)
  2. Solar energy company - (30680)
  3. Steel fabricator - (30678)

Chapter 11 - Investment Banker Application Filed

  1. Software developer - (30668)
  2. Healthcare center - (30670)

Chapter 11 - Case Filing Indicates Future Asset Sale

  1. Grocery store - (30666)

Chapter 7 - Sale of Business Assets

  1. Design & build firm - (30672)

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

  1. No new deals added this week.


  1. Skilled nursing & assisted living facility - (30634)
  2. 136-acre motorsports facility - (30633)
  3. 484 room branded hotel - (30635)
  4. Short pump hotel - (30632)

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors Sales

  1. Restaurant & sports bar - (30638)

Plant/Facility Closings

  1. Biopharmaceutical testing & manufacturing company - (30626)
  2. Multi-national clothing manufacturer - (30628)
  3. Transportation & logistics company - (30623)
  4. Floor manufacturer - (30627)
  5. Mining company - (30625)

Rating Agency Alerts/Other Signs of Distress

  1. Industrial furniture manufacturer - (30662)
  2. Administrative support company - (30659)
  3. Healthcare technology company - (30661)
  4. Acquisition services company - (30660)
  5. Independent film company - (30658)

Auctions/Other Interesting Sales

  1. Specialty building - 15,299 sq. ft. - (30686)
  2. Event production company - (30682)
  3. Farmland - 183 acres - (30683)
  4. Coin collection - (30684)
  5. Estate winery - (30685)

Bulk Sales

  1. Full-service restaurant - (30655)
  2. Lawn & garden retailer - (30656)
  3. Branded gas station - (30653)
  4. Restaurant/Pizzeria - (30654)
  5. Commercial car wash - (30657)

Mass/Significant Layoffs

  1. Commercial building maintenance company - (30613)
  2. Electronic monitoring services - (30619)
  3. Management services provider - (30617)
  4. Private military contractor - (30618)
  5. Healthcare testing company - (30615)
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