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PUBLIC NOTICE OF ASSET SALE: Intellectual Property & Assets of The Education Insurance Corporation

DSI ABCs LLC, as assignee for the benefit of creditors of The Education Insurance Corporation (“EIC”), an insurance technology company, announces the public sale of EIC’s intellectual property and substantially all of its other assets. All bids must be received by no later than 5:00 pm (prevailing Central time) on March 4, 2020. See the full Public Notice here.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

As any business owner will attest, starting and operating a business comes with unique challenges. These challenges are a key reason that, by some estimates, half of the companies that are founded today will not exist four years from now. It can be argued that the effort and attention needed to find success precludes business owners from planning for failure. And adding a partner to the mix introduces a host of other considerations. To learn about considerations you should take into account when starting a business with a partner, check out the Financial Poise Webinar, Business Breakups. Financial Poise Webinars provide quality education by leading experts in an accessible, even entertaining way. Each is an hour long. Each comes with fantastic PowerPoint. Each is pretty entertaining (at least as compared to most seminars on the topic). And each is only $19.99. Come learn with us!

Need a Private Property Appraisal? Here’s What You Need to Know

A property appraisal from an appraisal firm can cost thousands of dollars, sometimes per day. Choosing an appraiser requires a company or lender to understand the types of appraisals, factors considered in each valuation and the importance of an accredited firm. What is involved in an M&E appraisal? Is a full, on-site appraisal always better than a desktop appraisal? And what can you expect to pay for both? Find out in the article “Personal Property Appraisals 101” by Michael Kletecka, VP of Auctions, Liquidations and Appraisals at Gerrard Group Inc.

Sacrificed on the Altar of Emergency

Before DailyDAC, bankruptcy sales were generally only advertised in local newspapers, resulting in far less recovery for creditors. In commemoration of those dark days, which are thankfully behind us, we present a classic newspaper advertisement:
Classic Newspaper Advertisement Image Source: The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.), 29 Nov. 1912. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.

Thanks to Molly Froschauer of Sherwood Partners for providing the inspiration and means for this blast from the past. For information on providing effective public notice of your sale, click here.
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Vulture Investors Take Note:

Looking to buy companies out of bankruptcy? Assets of financially distressed companies in receivership, assignment or from lenders who have foreclosed on, and are selling, their collateral under Article 9 of the UCC? Search for excess assets resulting from plant closings? Targeting other sellers who need to sell urgently and other opportunistic/special situations?

Check out DailyDAC's Opportunistic Deal Database (ODD). The ODD culls such opportunities.

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The deals listed here were added to the ODD throughout the seven day period ending this past Sunday. The number in parentheses next to each deal is its unique ID number, included so our paid subscribers can easily find these deals on our website.
iGlobal - Real Estate Private Equity Summit

Secured Party Sales

  1. Furniture Collectibles & Household items - (21626)
  2. 5000 acre ski/golf resort community - (21628)
  3. Trucking & freight company - (21629)

Private Company Sales

  1. Commercial concrete/paving business - (21595)
  2. Chemical manufacturing company - (21592)
  3. Commercial plumbing business - (21593)
  4. Synthetic turf installer - (21591)
  5. HVAC company - (21594)

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors Sales

  1. Insurance product for post college salaries - (21573)
  2. Construction company (w/equipment) - (21627)
  3. Distributor of beauty products - (21572)
  4. Insurance technology company - (21514)

Chapter 11 - 363 Sales

  1. Membership interests - corporate community center - (21574)
  2. Commercial investment property - 2.7 acres - (21584)
  3. Industrial business equipment & vehicles - (21583)
  4. Commercial manufacturer (w/farmland) - (21585)
  5. Three vacant commercial lots - (21582)

Chapter 11 - Investment Banker Application Filed

  1. No New Deals This Week

Chapter 11 - Case Filing Indicates Future Asset Sale

  1. National youth scouting organization - (21588)
  2. Apartment complex - (21587)

Chapter 7 - Sale of Business Assets

  1. Veterinary/animal care facility - 22,000 sq. ft. - (21581)
  2. Commercial eating place/beverage license - (21576)
  3. Accounts receivable - consulting firm - (21578)
  4. Interest in an insurance policy - (21579)
  5. Private ski-resort/golf course - (21570)

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

  1. No New Deals This Week

Rating Agency Alerts/Other Signs of Distress

  1. Early stage acquirer of technology companies - (21622)
  2. Distributor of drones & insulation jackets - (21624)
  3. Business acquisition services company - (21625)
  4. Technology research company - (21623)


  1. Cropland for development - 160 acres - (21518)
  2. Antiques primitives & collectibles - (21630)
  3. CNC machining equipment - (21632)
  4. Restaurant equipment - (21517)
  5. CNC turning centers - (21631)

Other Interesting Sales

  1. Financial services - Mobile application provider - (21599)
  2. e-Commerce/Meal delivery service - (21516)
  3. Online investor education portal - (21601)
  4. Pharmaceutical company - (21597)
  5. Medical technology co - (21604)

Bulk Sales

  1. Hospitality services company - (21607)
  2. Commercial beverage license - (21608)
  3. Retail/convenience store - (21605)
  4. Mobile bar/grill - (21609)
  5. Pastry cafe - (21606)


  1. Commercial land - 0.591 acres - (21571)
  2. Oil & natural gas properties - (21566)
  3. Independent energy company - (21568)
  4. Three former group homes - (21567)
  5. Instrument retailer - (21569)

Mass/Significant Layoffs

  1. Commercial printing plant - (21614)
  2. Electronic parts wholesaler - (21611)
  3. Industrial metals manufacturer - (21616)
  4. Manufacturer of plastics materials - (21612)
  5. Trucking & logistics services company - (21613)

Plant/Facility Closings

  1. Supplier of components for the furniture industry - (21618)
  2. Distributor of industrial supplies - (21621)
  3. Refrigeration equipment supplier - (21617)
  4. Plumbing supplier - (21619)
  5. Wholesale grocer - (21620)
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