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What is DailyDAC's Opportunistic Deal Database?

DailyDAC's Opportunistic Deal Database focuses on lower middle market, time sensitive situations. DailyDAC's Opportunistic Deal Database provides subscribers with opportunities to purchase or provide capital to non-public companies and/or their assets. DailyDAC's goal is to spoon feed active investors with the most comprehensive lower middle market deal flow they would otherwise not be aware of.

Through research from thousands of public and private sources coupled with relationships with professionals, DailyDAC locates deals involving:
  • Stressed and distressed companies, including those in bankruptcy, receivership and assignment
  • Owners who must sell for personal reasons
DailyDAC provides its subscribers dozens of new deals each week. DailyDAC's Opportunistic Deal Database, is constantly updated to provide our premium members with a simple, efficient source for the most up to date transaction opportunities.

What is DailyDAC's Mature Deal Database?

DailyDAC researchers and analysts seek out deals of likely interest to the private equity and family office subscribers to the Mature Deal Database. While we also solicit listings from investment bankers and other intermediaries, we exercise discretion in which listings we accept.

We know that our clients subscribe because they view doing so as saving time and money. Simply stated, we seek out scaled or scalable businesses, generally with positive EBTIDA, and which otherwise fit our clients' needs. We publish deals across all industries but ask that only opportunities with minimum annual revenue of $2 million be submitted.

For more information or general inquiries:

Call 312-469-0135, or email us at info@dailydac.com.

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