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Dealing with Corporate Distress 15: Digging into DIP Financing & Cash Collateral Motions in Bankruptcy By Jonathan Friedland • November 21, 2022
Will lenders loan to a company in bankruptcy? In this installment, uncover the many intricacies of DIP financing & cash collateral motions in bankruptcy.
Filing and Amending Claims in a Bankruptcy Case By Michael Schwarzmann • November 14, 2022
The bankruptcy claims are more than just the amount a creditor is owed. Make sure you protect your claim by filing early and amending as needed.
Dealing with Corporate Distress 14: The Secured Creditor’s Perspective About its Debtors By Jonathan Friedland • October 31, 2022
Let's take a look at bankruptcy from the secured creditor's perspective (they play a large role in a distressed business situation). Read about what a secured creditor should know when a business files for bankruptcy.
What to Consider When Selling a Bankruptcy Claim By Christopher M. Cahill • October 24, 2022
Why Sell a Bankruptcy Claim? Imagine this: One of your customers sends you a notice stating it has filed for chapter 7 or chapter 11 bankruptcy protection rather than the payment for goods or services provided that you were expecting.…
Dealing with Corporate Distress 13: The Unsecured Creditor’s Perspective About its Debtors By Jonathan Friedland • October 17, 2022
Being an unsecured creditor is not an enviable position. How must unsecured creditors conduct themselves to mitigate the risks associated with distress?
A Non-Debtor’s Rights in Executory Contracts By David S. Lorry • October 10, 2022
What rights do non-debtors have in the treatment of executory contracts? Learn about rejecting or assuming executory contracts as a non-debtor.
An Introduction to Bankruptcy Claims Trading Part 2: Sale of a Claim By Timothy C. Bennett • October 3, 2022
New to the bankruptcy claims trading marketplace? Take a close look at documenting the purchase and sale of a bankruptcy claim.
Third-Party Litigation Funding (TPLF) and Ethical Issues In Bankruptcy By Thomas J. Salerno • September 26, 2022
TPLF represents billions in litigation investing. Litigation funding in the US rose to $2.8 billion last year — $17 billion worldwide. Read about ethical risks looming large.
Dealing with Corporate Distress 12: Meet Our Little Friend, The UCC By Jonathan Friedland • September 12, 2022
In this installment we introduce you to the UCC generally, focusing on Article 9 to illustrate its importance in the context of business distress.
Commercial Real Estate Tenant Bankruptcy — What To Do By Paul R. Hage • September 5, 2022
When a commercial real estate tenant files a chapter 11 bankruptcy case, the landlord faces unfamiliar issues. Although each case is unique, this article provides a basic overview of the issues commercial landlords could run into.