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90 Second Lesson: What is a Chapter 15 Proceeding of the Bankruptcy Code? By The DailyDAC Editors • November 27, 2023
Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code deals with foreign debtors with assets in the United States. It allows for disposition of the property.
Can You Challenge a Section 363 Sale? Bid Now or Forever Hold Your Peace By Jonathan T. Brand • November 20, 2023
Don’t expect to challenge a 363 sale so easily. Find out why you should pursue other options for purchasing assets from a distressed seller.
90 Second Lessons: The Mindset of a Real Estate Workout Lender By The DailyDAC Editors • November 13, 2023
When a property owner falls behind on their loans, what are their options to receive loan forgiveness?
Solvent Debtor? A Chapter 11 Debtor Need Not Be Broke By Renee Fensin • November 6, 2023
A debtor does not have to be insolvent to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Can its creditors pursue dismissal of a chapter 11 case?
90 Second Lesson: Carve-Outs for Unsecured Creditors By The DailyDAC Editors • October 31, 2023
Like a professional fee carve-out, secured creditors may also agree to a carve-out for unsecured creditors to appease the court and creditors’ committee.
What Secured Lenders Should Know If Their Borrower Files for Bankruptcy By Robert D. Leavitt • October 23, 2023
When your borrower files bankruptcy, choosing to cooperate can lead to a more successful restructuring or sale. Here's how to protect yourself if you do.
90 Second Lesson: Stalking Horse Bid, Yay or Neigh? By The DailyDAC Editors • October 16, 2023
A stalking horse bidder makes the first bid in an bankruptcy auction, setting the initial price and structure of the sale-- but there are some disadvantages.
3 Issues for Vendors to Consider When Their Customer Files For Bankruptcy By Michael A. Brandess • October 9, 2023
If a customer files bankruptcy, vendors (trade creditors) should consider administrative priority, critical vendor status, and avoidance actions.
90 Second Lesson: What is an Exchange Offer? By The DailyDAC Editors • October 2, 2023
A distressed exchange offer allows a struggling company to purchase its outstanding debt securities by offering new securities rather than cash.
Who Gets Paid First (and Second, Third, etc.) in Bankruptcy By Patrick Maxcy • September 25, 2023
Who makes the top of the list in the order of priority? See where you fall based on the absolute priority rule.