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Digging into DIP Financing & Cash Collateral Motions in Bankruptcy

Dealing with Corporate Distress 15: Digging into DIP Financing & Cash Collateral Motions in Bankruptcy

Will lenders loan to a company in bankruptcy? In this installment, uncover the many intricacies of DIP financing & cash collateral motions in bankruptcy.

Dealing With Distress for Fun & Profit – Installment #17 – Overview of DIP Financing and Cash Collateral Motions

There is a seeming irony here in that a company that files for bankruptcy often does not have the cash to do so. That’s where DIP financing comes in.

DIP Loan/ DIP Financing

Also called “DIP financing,” a DIP loan is a line of credit or other credit provided to a DIP during a bankruptcy case, based upon meticulously-drafted DIP financing agreements that are reviewed by the bankruptcy court (and often the U.S. Trustee and any Committee) for, among other things, compliance with section 364 of the Bankruptcy […]

Roll-Up Financing

A “roll-up” refers to a debtor-in-possession (or DIP) financing facility that is provided by the debtor’s prepetition (pre-bankruptcy) lenders and effectively pays off (or “rolls-up”) the prepetition secured debt. The roll-up can take place in a single stage or the debtor, as postpetition funding is obtained, applies an equivalent amount of proceeds first to the repayment of the prepetition […]

Best Practices for UCC-3 Terminations and Continuations

Careless mistakes in UCC-3 terminations and continuations can lead to costly litigation with secured parties. Learn best practices for filing and recording.

Man drafting collateral description

6 Common Mistakes in Drafting Collateral Descriptions

Whether there is change in collateral or a serial number is listed incorrectly, errors in collateral descriptions can lead to expensive disputes.

Carve out from a block of wood

90 Second Lesson: What is a “Professional Fee Carve-Out” in Chapter 11?

It’s typical for secured lenders in a chapter 11 case to set aside a portion of the proceeds of its collateral to pay professional fees. Understand what you may need to know about carve-out fees.

assumption of contracts and leases

Dealing with Corporate Distress 17: Focus on Assuming & Rejecting Executory Contracts & Unexpired Leases in Bankruptcy

Legal framework governing assumption, assignment, and rejection of executory contracts and unexpired leases in bankruptcy can be complicated.

overview of bankruptcy code

Dealing with Corporate Distress 16: Overview of Bankruptcy Code § 365

In this installment, get an overview of Section 365 and understand how executory contracts can keep distressed businesses afloat.

14 The Secured Creditor’s Perspective About its Debtors

Dealing with Corporate Distress 14: The Secured Creditor’s Perspective About its Debtors

Let’s take a look at bankruptcy from the secured creditor’s perspective (they play a large role in a distressed business situation). Read about what a secured creditor should know when a business files for bankruptcy.

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