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90 Second Lesson: First Step When Purchasing a Distressed Business

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90 Second Lesson: Purchasing a Distressed Business


What is the first integral decision a potential purchaser of a distressed business must make?


Assuming that the seller has not already decided on the mechanism for the sale, the first choice confronting the potential purchaser of a distressed business is how the sale should be effected. The four basic choices are an ordinary stock/asset purchase, an assignment for the benefit of creditors (ABC), an Article 9 purchase, or a bankruptcy acquisition. Each offers different advantages and disadvantages.

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Note: This 90 Second Lesson is based, in substantial part, in material reprinted from Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation 2d and Strategic Alternatives for and Against Distressed Businesses, with permission of Thomson Reuters. For more information about these publications, please visit www.legalsolutions.com.

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